Saturday, December 24, 2011

This weeks results 12/19/2011-12/23/2011

Dow Futures: +151.12
Crude Futures: +79.52
Stocks: +8.02
Russell Futures: none
Gold Futures: none
net: +238.66
The results are okay. Barely traded at all this week and had two big misses.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

This weeks results 12/12/2011-12/16/2011

Dow Futures: - 18.04
Crude Futures: - 226.70
Russell Futures: none
Gold Futures: none
Stocks: none
net: -242.70
There has no would ha should ha could ha trades this week. I did miss a target in a fast market by one tick only to have my trailing stop get hit and my profit being less than 1/2 of the target. The last two weeks should have been good for me. This week just sucked. My results have sucked for about 5 weeks now. I need to do good when the market treats me good and I need to behave when it doesn't.
I am looking forward to getting this year over with.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

This weeks results - 12/5/2011-12/9/2011

Dow futures: +61.12
crude futures: +99.32
Russell futures: none
gold futures: none
Stocks: -169.58
net: -9.14
This was one of the would could should weeks that make me scream. I was in a trade with MCD and I scratched it for break even because the way it was trading was new to me. It then ran over a buck seconds later. I had an buy stop in GMCR for like 20 minutes and then pull it. Three minute later is run like crazy. I placed an order trying to hit the ask and the stock ran never filling my order. And last I had a winning in crude and I debated to place a stop at one price or 3 ticks lower. A course i got hit but the other stop would not have. All in all that cost me a lot of money.
On the other hands, I just missed getting filled by one cent on a buy stop where the stock died 50 cents soon after.
You win some and lose some but i would have preferred all of the above trades getting filled or placed correctly. I would have had a happy week.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

This weeks results 11/28/2011-12/2/2011

stocks: - 183.40
Dow futures: -262.60
crude futures: +79.32
Russell futures: none
gold futures: none
net: -366.80
I did two incredible bonehead moves this week costing about $400. One a trade trigger for me just as my computer froze. Once I got it back on - I rushed in to the position even thou it had already moved. Second - I went long a stock and put in a stop but my stop had twice as many shares as my long so I got stopped and then lost on the short. Funny thing is the stock collapsed some after I covered my mistake and I got have made good money on the short.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

This weeks Results 11/21/2011-11/25/2011

Dow Futures: +163.08
Crude Futures: +24.66
Stocks: -6.00
Gold Futures: none
Russell Futures: none
Net: +181.74
I continue to make a little here and a little there. I am looking forward to 2012. This year even the last 30 months have been a real pain. Now the my daughter is basically AWOL from my life and my parents are no longer living - many pressures are off my back and out of my pocket. It looked like I was going to have to support my mother with a lot of money. It has turned out not to be that much and I am in the process of closing her accounts. For a long time I had her hanging over my head but that is gone.
My job is safe right now and my own $ is in good shape. I hope I can finally allow myself to take the correct risks to make good money in the markets. I have done better this last year in my retirement accounts. I hope to do that in my trading accounts. It will be about it.
I have used the resources at a lot more. I am part of Rob Hoffman's trading room. His trading method makes sense to me. I need to work it into my way of looking at the markets.
I am excited about the futures having a lot of weight off of my shoulders. It may sound cold but my parents were very unhappy people. Both of them had shitty situations that I and no one else could fix. My mother spent a lot of time in fear. They are in better places now and as a son I did did what I could.
I need to now worry about myself and enjoy the rest of my life.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

This weeks Results 11/14/2011-11/18/2011

Dow Futures: +17.80
Crude Futures: +59.32
Stocks: -62.27
Gold Futures: none
Russell Futures: none
Net: +14.85

Saturday, November 12, 2011

This Weeks Results 11/07/2011-11/11/2011

Dow Futures: +112.24
Crude Futures: +180.66
Stocks: +240.44
Russell Futures: none
Gold Futures: none
net +533.34
All my trades were positive for the week. Problems - not enough trades and the ones I did take i made like$50 on $500 moves. You can't do that in this business and except to survive.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Last two weeks results - 10/24/2011-11/04/2011

Dow Futures: -216.92
Crude Futures: +189.32
Stocks: +110.44
Russell Futures: +3131.96
Swing trade: -1005.00
Dividend: +250.00
net: +2459.80
This has been one f-ed up a couple of weeks. My mother who was sick for a long time died a week ago on Friday. I did not think she was going to make it to the New Year but it was a shock anyway. I am not real heart broken about it because her quality of life really sucked and she had no idea most of the time where she has and was on tons of pain meds. She is in a much better place now than living the hell she was.
Both that event was my big screw up in the markets that gained me nearly $3200. Sometimes it is better to be lucky than to be good.
With both parents now gone and my daughter totally indepe4ndent, I hope I can take time for myself. It has been 30 months of a lot of dealing with other peoples problems. Now I hope it is my time and a lot less stressful.
It will be weird now not living with a phone next to my bed wondering what the next crisis will bring. I tried to be a good son and father but it took a lot out of me.
Now is the time to worry about trading.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Biggest screw up in years

I am sitting here in a daze. Once in a great while I screw up where I am in and out of something that I do not completely clear out a position. I try now to have my overall PNL turned off but I have a place where each trade shows up and the PNL. If the PNL is changing I know something is wrong.
Yesterday I bought some stock futures but I used the TF instead of YM as usual. I did not have the TF on my list of items. I thought I would placed a buy stop (right click) but instead I placed a limit (left click) above the market getting filled instantly. Some reason the PNL on the book trader was turned off too.
I did not know I was very long this market from yesterdays lows until this morning.
Holly Shit - my mistake made me $3120 overnight. I think I am going to start drinking right now.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

This Weeks Results 10/17/2011-10/21/2011

stock: -42.28
crude futures: -80.88
dow futures: +30.56
gold futures: none
net -92.40
very few trades - a messed up week

Sunday, October 16, 2011

This months results - 10/03/2011 to 10/14/2011

dow futures: -118.32
stocks: +10.05
Crude Futures: -41.00
Gold Futures: zero
net - 49.27
This was my trading for the last 3 weeks. Most of those 2 weeks I was on vacation. I could say nearly all the trading was from Friday. Trying to get back into things and trying some new things too. Hi-lites when I can.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

This Weeks Results 9/26/2011-9/30/2011

Dow Futures: -34.16
Crude Futures: +34.66
Stocks: +100.60
Gold Futures: none
net +101.10
Slow week and going to be on vacation for most of the next two weeks.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

This Weeks Results 9/19/2011-9/23/2011

Gold futures: +45.36
Stocks: +31.06
Crude Futures: -1.36
Dow Futures: +7.80
net +82.86
I am trying some new things this week and was very frustrated by them. It cost me a lot of mental capital. More later at some point.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Can't Sleep so...

you trade. I am such a wimp. I just took 2 points out of a 80 point move in the YM futures. I can go out and buy myself a New hot and Juice for breakfast - lol.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

This weeks Results 9/12/2011-9/16/2011

Stocks: - 339.82
Crude Futures: - 350.12
Stock Futures: +70.78
Gold Futures: zero
Net: -619.16
Results sucked. Too many times last week I allowed the first trade of the today loss screw with my head. I wish I had more time to blog my trades.

Monday, September 12, 2011


August 29 to Sept 2
stocks: - 29.33
Gold futures: +70.72
Dow Futures: -582.20
Oil Futures: +17.96
net: -522.85
September 5 to September 9
Dow Futures: +5.28
Stocks: +9.07
Dividends received: +585
net +599.35
I was on vacation last week for most of the week. The week before was my first major drawdown in about 2 months. That trading sucked. I am tired but thought to keep things up to date.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

This Weeks Results - 8/22/2011-8/26/2011

Stocks: +30.87
Crude Futures: -105.34
Dow Futures: +136.96
net +62.49
I am tired this week. Survived revenge and chasing trading thank god. This week could have been bad for my mind set. Again - a week of too many family issues.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

This Weeks Results - 8/15/2011-8/19/2011

Stocks: +89.89
Dow Futures: +62.44
Crude Oil: +310.32
Gold Futures: +130.72
net: +593.37
I lost my nerve so many times this week it was not funny. To watch a stock break out - fill me with a few cent slip - reverse in two seconds 15 cents - me hit the out button only to see it move 40 cents in what would have been my favor. I did the same on 3 YM trades also. Could of had a big week as always. When am I going to grow a pair of balls? My time of this planet is closer to the end than the beginning.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

This Weeks Results 8/8/2011-8/12/2011

Swing: +754.34
Stocks: -556.79
Gold Futures: +355.00
Crude Futures: +53.30
Dow Futures: -20.44
Net + 585.41
This week as in nearly every week was stupid for me. I started out on Sunday night to buy the first low and just play for a couple 100. Worked perfectly. Turned to Oil and lost 1/2 of my dow future gain. Then cooled until day break.
Got frustrated with the markets falling and play PG - about the only stock up on Monday. Top ticked a long. Hour later - top ticked a second long. So stupid.
Went long gold that night. Gained a little and bailed. No guts to hold and it could have been a huge gain. I had a lot of problems with gold this week being unable to take trades.
Bailed on a swing that will I think go higher just to relieve some of the mental pressure of this week.
All in all I am pissed at this week. Too many trades I did not take. Broke my trading rules on two trades and got hurt both times. Revenge traded a trade and got hurt.
Not happy. The only thing I am happy about is that I am nearly even for the year after making a good attempt to blow accounts up. I am correcting my mistake quicker. Now if I could only let my winners run more often.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

This Weeks Results 8/1/2011-8/5/2011

Stocks: +167.72
Crude Futures: +507.08
Stock Futures: +302.90
Net +977.70
Nearly meant my weekly goal of a $1000 a week. Left so much money on the table. Could have been the greatest week of my trading career. Hopefully the craziness with last this week.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

This weeks Results 7/25/2011-7/29/2011

Dow Futures: +70.66
Crude Futures: +88.66
Stocks: -57.89
Net: +101.43
A positive week but I am really pissed at myself. I pulled a trade two seconds before I would have been in it for one of my biggest miss-trades. I could not get another trade in because I was seconds slow and Trade Station rejected my order. And most of all I am pissed that I let a new position which gapped down on Friday totally throw me for a loss that I has unable to take advantage of the market. Many good trades missed. I really feel like I am a loser when my brain goes to mush.
Simple - plan the trade - trade the plan.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

This weeks results 7/18/2011- 07/22/2011

Not a bad week. Had two good trades with a bunch of scratches. I am happy with the results for once.
Gold Futures: +30.72
Stocks: +185.12
Crude Futures: +637.28
net +853.12

Saturday, July 16, 2011

This weeks results 7/11/2011-7/15/2011

Why don't you quit someone asked me this week. It made me stop and think for a while. I have come close to quitting a couple of times. I took time off at others. I started thinking about my dad. He never knew how to play golf and no one would teach him or I would guess he did not want to ask. He taught myself. He teach myself wrong too. He gripped the club wrong but after years and years of practice he became a fairly decent golfer. He was no pro but won many tournaments against many club pros. I took a long time to get there. I asked him why. He said he never knew when to quit. Win or lose - he just loved doing it.
Now with my trading over the years it had taken on so many different forms and my goals changed a lot - from trying to get a little extra for a special trip, to college eduction, to retirement. Today and for the last 5 years, my goal has been to be able to make enough money on a regular basis where I do not have to worry about having a job.
After 5 years, I have little to show for it in my bank account. Instead I lost money last year and not doing much better this year. But under the hood, I know I have learned a lot. I see patterns better. I have trading plans. I know what I am doing. I know about risk. I have methods. I know most books can't teach me anything I really do not already know.
I know what is keeping me from succeeding is myself - my emotions. Nothing else. I am close to seeing the goal become alive. As I sit here, I also know, I may not ever be successful at this last step or it may take me years. I do know that now that my dad is gone, my mother is taken care of in a home, and my daughter is off on her own - I can really just think about myself with the pressure off. I also hope to fix a few medical issues I have had and can only help me more.
So I think to myself why the fuck would I ever quit now??? Game on.
All I have to do is plan the trade and then trade the plan.
Stock Futures: +201.12
Stocks: +199.31
Crude Futures: -15.34
Gold Futures: zero
net: +385.09

Sunday, July 10, 2011

This weeks results 7/4/2011-7/8/2011

Stocks - 1.91
Stock Futures: -119.44
Crude Futures: +69.32
Net: -62.03
I whimped out of so many trades this week - it was not funny but very painful to my bottom line.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

The month of June

June was the worst month I had in years for me.
Bottom line down 3079.76.
I had not had a down 2000 month since December of 2009.
I do not remember being down more than $2500 since I started day trading.
That is how bad it was.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

This weeks results - 6/27/2011 - 7/01/2011

Another sucky week really caused by one big screw up in Crude.
Crude Futures: - 912.04
stock futures: +66.56
Stocks: +97.44
Gold Futures: +70.72
net -677.32

Saturday, June 25, 2011

this weeks results - 6/20/2011 to 6/24/2011

This was the week from hell for my trading mind. I first did a stupid - I am bored trade that cost me $400 on Sunday night. Most times my stupid trades do not cost me this much. I added to that on Monday where I was trying to play a breakout in crude. Two times I place order just before the breakout only to get filled at the top and quickly stopped out. This cost me $1100.
By the time Tuesday came around, I should have stopped trading for the week. My mind was not screwed on right anymore. I had 5 stock trades this week. All of them went in my favor with out me because I could not deal with waiting for them to work. This cost me about $2000 in profits.
Then on Wednesday, I had place a trade in the YM futures. Again the market bounce around before taking off in my direction with out me. Using just a simple trailing stop I could have made $800.
The worst of the week was then on Thursday. I Shorted the crude market 3 times. Good entries. Right direction but in each case I would gain say $200 then it would come back where I was up only $50 or maybe break even. I would bail at that point not honoring my stop loss only to see the market collapse. I made $170 and left $3000 on the table.
The it was back to stupid, I am pissed trades on Friday but thank god I only lost $180.
So after the first 3 big losses(one being stupid and two not waiting for break out to occur), I never even came close to trading any my trades as planned.
Any incredibly stupid week for myself adding to the mistake I made last week and digging myself a nice big hole.
God I suck right now. I badly need to straighten my head out before I really hurt myself in the pocket book.
The numbers:
Stock Futures: +22 (should be plus $400 or more)
Stocks: +41 (should be over $1000 or more)
Crude futures: -16212 (should be plus a $2000 or more)
Gold Futures: +172 (only happy trade I had this week)
net -1386
This should have been a great week for me. All 5 stock trades should have been winners. The gold trade was a winner. The 2 stock future trades should have been big winner. And of my 10 crude trades, 5 should have been winners and 5 should have been losers but the winners should have been much bigger than the losers.
I had the markets right in so many ways this week. One of my best weeks for figures things out but I really fucked it up. Sad so Sad.
And please no one give me any of this Would of, Should of, Could of Bull shit. I am basing my comments on my possible results if I only followed my trading plans. Most of the stupid time I have the orders in already to do the plan. I only then hit the get me flat button way too often.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Back to the same old problem

Now fear has taken over my trading and I am being a dumb ass with my trades.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Maybe I am growing up - LOL

Sunday night and today I traded badly. I lost about 1575. I seldom lose of $400 in a given day. I am not happy about it. $500 of the lose was a trade I should have never took and had no reason other than wanting to make money.
For some reason, I am not super down - not breaking things - not yelling at my other half for no reason. Since Wednesday afternoon I have dropped about $2500. This years ago would put me in a depression for a couple of weeks. A couple of years ago I would be a prick for a few days. Last year I would be running around with a leave me alone sign. Today I am okay. Again I do not want to lose money. I am not happy I loss money. It would be great if I could have my money back. I also know if I took all my signals and traded correctly - I would have made mpney over the last week.
But today I am okay. I guess I am finally growing up at my age.

This weeks results - 6/13/2011-6/17/2011

Not a good week. I do not know if I am thinking too much or too little. Again when I am usually more aggressive, I am being a wimp. Again I did not go with a clear buy signal that would have covered all my weekly loses because the previous 3 trades were tough and a net loser.
Stocks: -771
Stock futures: - 99
Crude Futures: -264.76
Net: -1135
Maybe I will chart some things as examples of what I am talking about.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

This weeks Results 6/6/20011- 6/10/2011

Did not do well considering all the opportunities on Thursday and Friday. I am getting sick of not performing the way I feel I could. My friends and other half are sick of hearing this whining including me.
I can only hope that after the week in Minneapolis where I put my mother into assisted living, this great burden is once and for all off my shoulders. This should allow me to focus so much better on trading other than the worries of my parents.
The numbers:
Stocks: -110
Crude Futures: +20
net -90

Sunday, May 29, 2011

This weeks results - 5/23/2011 - 5/27/2011

Nothing to write home about. I was a crazy week for me but I have no time to write about it.
Stocks: -262
Dow Futures: -39
Crude Futures: +56
net -245
I will not trade this week. I have a family emergency to deal with.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

This weeks Results 5/16/2011-5/20/2011

Above are 3 charts of the July Crude Futures. If you waited and watch and waited until the setups formed - crude presented really great trades this week - 1 on Wednesday, 1 on and Thursday and a bunch on Friday. I was not watching on Wednesday. Thursday I was stupidly wasting time on the Dow Futures when the the Thursday trade happened. On Friday, I watched carefully and took the trade on the break of 99. Unfortunately, I did not size up and I could not move my target stops before getting filled. I made $400 when I should have made a lot more. I was not watching during the bounce.
I had an okay week for myself. I made made $400 from the crude trade and $300 on a stock trade but wasted a lot of money doing stupid trades on bad setups in the Dow Futures.
Again as always - I would have had a much better week if I attacked when I should have attack and SAT ON MY HANDS. I really need a person to help me sit on my hands.
The results:
Crude Futures: +543
Dow Futures: -405
Stock Trades: +321
Total: +459

Saturday, May 14, 2011

I am not dead yet but I tried to die - 5/14/2011

The last couple of weeks has been crazy. As I stated before I was going on vacation. My other half and I went to Hawaii for 8 days and it was great. Not being use to the heat and humidity was a bit of a problem but I love my time there.
The only problem is I made a near deadly mistake. I drank water out of a city fountain that the birds used more often than humans. I did this on the last day (thank god) and within days of being home, I could not keep anything in my system.
Over the course of the next 7 days, I lost 7 pounds, had a fever of 104.5 and was seeing things. At first it confused the doctors because each morning I had no fever but then my fever would peak at dinner. Really strange.
Anyway the doctors got me on Cipro and now I am better but still weak.
I did do a little trading over the course of these 3 weeks and as I have done for years - I try always to post my results.
Futures: -127
Stocks day trades: +186
Stocks swing trades: -191
Total: -132 although I am sitting on a swing trade where I am up about $2000.
Hopefully I am back to a normal life again.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

You can't make this shit up - part 3 results 4/18-4/21

I am sorry I do not have more time to post but I am getting ready for a vacation. I only traded really two days this week made good money. It is also the first time in a long time I made money in both Stocks, Stock Futures and Crude futures. I also had a nerve racking trade that I sat on my hands and allowed the trade to finish as plan. Something I seldom do. Also I am sitting on a swing trade with a $750 profit.
Stocks: +46
Stock Futures: +271
Crude Futures: +369
Total: +686

Sunday, April 17, 2011

This weeks Results 4/11-4/15 and other crap

I wonder if I am ever going to get off the tread mill with my trading? About two years ago, any bit of trading improved has stopped and when I look at all my accounts P&L minus what I have paid for a few services - I am flat. Flat during two years of an incredible market boom including commodities. This is so stupid. I know that my daughters accident took a lot and I mean a lot out of me but still - I am pissed.
Crude futures: -231
Stock Futures: +90
Stocks: +142
Net: +1
I took a big lose in Crude Futures as my first trade of the week and was a wimp for the rest of the week as I fought back to get back to even.
I hate fucking IE - also. I can't edit my blog there anymore.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

This weeks results - 4/4/2011 to 4/8/2011

Stocks: +227
Crude Futures: +9
Net +236

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

You can't this shit up part 2 (updated) - 4/6/2011

The gods hate me. I have not been trading much this week at all with one crisis happening after another.
First of all it is my birthday. Birthdays should be happy days but they seldom are for me. Today was no exception.
First of all, the kitchen sink on off values gave out and we only had cold water. I could not fix it myself this weekend so the plumber was called. He showed up yesterday and did a great job but it really screwed up yesterday. Last night being frustrated with everything I surfed the web and went to a bad place.
When I booted up this morning all hell broke loose. The PC went into some type of loop demanding I buy some Internet anti-virus software. I panicked and thought my PC had been totally hacked. I got totally stressed out if one of my PCs out of service. I tried fixing it with no luck. I said to myself - screw it - I make enough money. I will get it fixed correctly so I called webroot. While setting up the appointment to fix the PC remotely - the sales lady noticed my software needed to be reviewed and sold me an upgrade. I installed the upgrade and paid for the remote fix. Forget the markets - I need to work so I logged onto my work PC from home or tried too. The upgrade was blocking my access.
You got to be kidding. I felt I had two useless PCs on my hands and wanted to cry. Someone then calls from work and with out figuring out the number - I yell into the phone "who is it and what the hell do you want?". Guess what? It was one of my VPs at work and stated his name and his question. I nearly died again. He asked quickly why I sounded stressed. I told him about the plumbing and my PC problems and the fact it was my birthday and this should be a happy day. He laughed and wished me a happy birthday and then informed me on was on speaker phone. Really wanted to die a third time today. I answered the questions and I said I was sorry for being in a bad mood.
Back to trying to connect to work and then the door bell rings. Two Jehovah witnesses at the door and both are like in there 70's. Is this God telling me I am going to hell because I visited websites I should not have. Wasn't the virus and $130 it cost me to fix it enough. God had to send two old ladies to my door to ask me if I knew I was going to hell.
I just wanted to die. Luckily I turned off the new firewall to get to my work PC. Then my luck got better when two meetings were cancelled and I had time to get work done. Then the virus cleaning guy said my PC was cleanable and he would have me back up and running in a couple of hours.
So my anti-virus is now upgraded to the next level. My main stock trading PC is working. I know how to get into my work PC again. And I in a weird way got a lot of work done.
Happy f-ing birthday to me. I do not think my heart will last to the next one if I have many more days like today.
PS - hopefully Crack will find this funny.
A happy ending to this story - I was able to have a great meal at a very good but quiet joint (bad weather) with my other half and spent the rest of the evening in her arms regaining my nerves.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Last week's Results - 3/27/2011 thru 4/1/2011

Again I made 7 trades and 6 of them would have bee good winners if I only sat on my hands or not fallen out of my chair.
Crude Futures: +177
Stocks: -257
Net: -80

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Free Chat Room - you can visit Denarii live

Go click on the link in the upper right hand part of this blog to come to a free stock day trading chat room. No cost. No expectations. No one trying to sell you anything. Stop bye and say hi.

Monday, March 28, 2011

You can make this shit up 3/28/2011

This is the most insane stupid thing I think I have ever done and I do not know if I tried to I could ever recreate it in a million years.
The above is the chart of QLD going into the close. I thought if I sold a new low - the market might die on the close. I got filled about 3:30 on a new low. I watch the market bounce a little to 87.91. I started to fill out a stop order at 87.92. I wanted a tight order so not to be caught in some sudden buying at the close. The QLD start moving toward the low again. I had most of the order typed in except the default was a LIMIT not a stop. I was kind of sitting weird in my chair so I decided to adjust myself. At that point I lost my balance and nearly fell on the floor. I had my mouse in one hand and I had hit the keyboard with the other.
Next thing I hear is my order being filled. WTF. What happened? Seconds later as I figured out I no longer was short, the QLD broke the low.
The only thing I could figure is that I did not have all the order filled but enough of it. I must have first hit the mouse that clicked on the order button. Then when the review order mini-screen showed up, I must have hit the enter key as I was trying to keep from falling on the floor.
Net of the trade - lost $49 when I should have made $200 or if I held on to after hours $500.
You can't make this shit up. I need to write a book.

Something is worng

Strong is wrong with my ability to post correctly. You can see my post below.
Update - i had to use Firefox to edit the post correctly. Do not know what is wrong with IE 8 right now.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

This week's Results 03/21/2011-03/25/2011

Sad thing this week is I made 15 trades. Only one of the 15 trades got stopped out. 12 of the trades turned out being good winners. The bad part is I only let 2 of them run. I left a ton on the table this.
Stocks: -80
Stock Futures: -104
Crude Oil: +329
Net +155

Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Good, The Bad and the Ugly - in other words, this weeks crap 3/19/2011

Good, Bad, and Ugly - The first chart - perfect entries and no stress. Second chart - more than likely a stupid entry but good stop. Third chart - totally emotional chaos - did not follow plan - screwed up order entry - sucks big time.
Stocks: - 8
Crude Futures: +19
Stock Futures: -18
Net: -9

Saturday, March 12, 2011

This weeks Results - 3/7-3/11

Stocks +9
Crude Futures + 109
total +118
I find it hard to think about trading after seeing pictures from Japan on Friday.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Toliet Trade - Oh CRAP plus last week's results

When I pull a bonehead move like this especially on a week where most of my trades sucked, I want to scream. I have had problems with when and how long I can watch the markets. I got an alert from Stewie on a stock that looked really good. I missed the alert by a few seconds but I started buying a little higher. The stock looked like it was going to explode to the upside.
The stupid part was just before I got the alert - I felt the need to relieve and badly. I bought anyway and wait for a few minutes. I had to go or I would soil by pants. I should have just placed a close stop and go but the last two times I did this I lost out. Onetime badly, because I did not place as stop. Instead this time I cashed out for a very small profit and ran to the bathroom just making it.
The trade if I had a full size on would have turned a shitty week (lol) into a breakeven week.
Dow Futures: - 168
Crude Futures: +69
Euro Spot: -105
Stocks: - 360
Total -564

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Trading Results - Week of 2/22 to 2/25

Stocks +375
Total +375
Not bad - left a lot of money on the table.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Trading - the game of inches

Trading Results - week of 2/14 thru 2/18

Crude: + 149
Stocks: +120
Swing trade: -337
Net -68
Very frustrating week. I missed a couple of great entries by seconds. In other words, the stocks blew thru big numbers just as I was trying to buy the number. An example of what I mean was ARUN at 30. It opened below there after trading around 30 for most of premarket. The stock popped to 30 seconds after the open and there was a big seller there. I tried to get in on a limit at 30 and missed by seconds. The next trade seemed like it was at 30.34. I hope have hated to see my fill if I used a market order or a buy stop but I just was not fast enough - damn.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Trading Results - week of 2/7 thru 2/11

Stocks +1144
Crude +79
Total +1223
This is my best week in Months. Saying that I am a Cheesehead, I hope the Packers Super Bowl victory is causing a turning point in my trading - lol.

Trading Results - week of 1/31 thru 2/4

Stocks -238
Crude -551
Stock Futures + 120
Total -669

Trading Results - week of 1/24 thru 1/28

Stocks +137
Thats it.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Last Week's trading - it sucked

The numbers:
crude oil: -732
Dow futures: -297
Stocks: -78
total -1107
Basicly there is nothing to log about here. The Big Mouth Stocks were great on Thursday and Friday. I may post them later. Now I am just waiting until the dream game on Sunday - Packers verse the Bears.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Two that got away 1/14/2010

I did a couple of trades on Wednesday- none on Thursday and the three above on Friday. Having a 20 cent stop on JPM was stupid so I went with 35 cent stop and got hit there to. The KLAC stop I think was smart but still hurt.
I hate days like this when I make $24 but could have or should have made on $1000 by simply letting my trades have a little more room.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Second trade Part two and some nice Big Mouth Stocks today 1/11/2011

Both above are big mouth stocks and both are nice.
I sold the other half of SPRD on the opening pop. I screwed up the exit because TD is hard to use quickly. I should have been using my IB account. It would have turned a $385 gain into a $500 one.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Second trade of New Year - Part 1 1/10/2011

Simple trade pointed out by Stewie and his service. He has been on fire since the 1st of the year. Check him out. I got filled perfectly and carried 1/2 over night - something I never do.

Friday, January 7, 2011

First trade of New Year/Blog Status and life

First and only trade of the New Year. Nice setup but as so many times I was too close on my stop. I wanted to buy LVS at HOD or around 49. I placed my first buy at 49.01 - big seller at round number. I got filled and it pulled back. Added to it with HOD at 49.05. After a 30 cent run - I peeled half at 49.25 and debated where to put my stop. I thought below 49 but that would be a loss so I put it at 49.08 and it got hit -damn.
I do not know what to do going forward with my blog or trading. I maybe one day at a time. A lot of shit has happened in the last two months. 10 days ago my dad died. I am not heart broken about it or sad because his life was falling apart and he really wanted to die. He had enough of life. He died very quickly which was how he wanted to die. I will not go into details but in many ways he was a strange man that for many unknown reasons never got close to me.
My dads death was kind of a burden off my shoulders in a weird way knowing he was not happy. His death also made some other things easier for my mom. They are divorced and she could use the extra SS benefits. Long story that I need not get into.
During the last two months, I also had a health scare where I had some inflection that took 4 rounds of drugs and some shots of penicillin to go away. And my daughter had some crazy shit happen too.
Not a fun couple of months. I tried trading the first part of December but nearly every trade was a loser. I just should have even tried.
So going forward, I am trying to put my head, heart and body back together. I do not know if I will trade in the process or not and even blog about it.
Good luck to all in the New Year and I will be back at some point - maybe even Monday - lol.