Tuesday, September 28, 2010


you know when you come to a point in life that everything your gut is telling you, is that you have to do IT, because IT is the only healthy thing to do, but IT just breaks your heart - it crushes it - it melts it - it kills it.
I believe there is a God. What type of God - I do not know nor the name of him or her - but you get to this point, you must do it and then the only thing left to do is to trust.
Sometimes the awful pain of life allows us to feel to understand the great joy of love.
So goes life.

Tuesday 9/28/2010

Very nice Big Mouth Stock above. I screwed this one up but I still made 99 bucks. I think my new trading plan is put a trade on with no stop and go get a cup of coffee and return in 5 minutes. If it is a loss, go flat. If it is a gain, go get another cup of coffee. Hopefully I will make enough money to make my head explode from all the caffeine.
The numbers:
Stocks: gross +102 net +99 shares 600
Stock Futures: none
Forex: none
Crude: +20 net +15 contracts 4

Monday 9/27/2010

A great BMS - I still found a way to screw it up. Overall I have had two back to back positive days. Something I have not done in a long while.
Certain things in my personal life are a total mess but for the first time in a long time - I feel good about my trading and I feel very good about who I have grown up to be. Really strange.
The results:
Stocks: gross +43 net +40 shares 600
Stock Futures: none
Forex: none
Crude: gross +300 net +295 contracts 4

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Results since August 1st - 9/24/2010

Crude 8/2/2010: -330.64
Crude 8/3/2010: -501.28
Stock 8/6/2010: +91.48
Crude 8/11/2010: -230.64
Stock 8/18/2010: +110.04
Stock 8/27/2010: +10.00
Crude 8/30/2010: -280.64
Stock 8/31/2010: -74.96
Stock 9/13/2010: -188.92
Crude 9/16/2010: -55.00
Stock 9/20/2010: -136.00
Stock 9/20/2010: -95.00
TOTAL: -1681.56
Not a whole lot of trades but i wanted to log them all here so I would not BS myself on the result. Bottom line is - my results from yesterday got me 1/10 out of the hole. Once out of my Summer hole - I start working on my year hole.

Friday Results - 9/24/2010

I traded - wow but nothing to right home about. My only good trade could have gone for a lot more. I think I should double my order size and pull the first half off quickly for a small profit and see what the second part does.
The numbers:
Stocks: gross +162 net +150 shares 2400
Stock Futures: none
Forex: none
Crude Oil: gross +20 net +15 contracts 4

Friday Big Mouth Stocks - 9/24/2010

Not good at all. FCX was the first one in a while that you would have gotten killed from the get-go.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Wednesday Big Mouth Stocks 9/22/2010

Above are the big mouth stocks for Wednesday. There are none today. This is a forced posting. I need to get back to my old life style. Too many things are fucked up in my head right now so I thought I could start getting back to a normal if I forced myself to start doing things.
Since the begining of August - I have only made 14 trades and I think 10 were losers.
I hope this is the start of getting back on the horse again.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Still trying to get back into the swing of things 9/16/2010

I did make two trades this week - both losers. One I stuck with the plan, the other I did not.
I am still having problems getting back into my routines. My blood pressure for the most part has returned to normal and I feel good but my family is having many issues right now and one of my best friends is dealing with cancer. It is hard to think about the markets.
I want to pick a date where I go back to my regular blog posting and number crunching but I have yet to set that date. Hopefully soon.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

I am not dead yet - 9/4/2010

It seems like my health issue note caused a lot of concern. It is not a life threatening issue at all. My blood pressure has gone crazy on me. Normally I am a happy camper if I get a reading around 118 over 78 but for a period of time my blood pressure dropped to 108 over 65. I felt like I was going to pass out all the time. Then I adjusted my meds and stuff I was taking and my blood pressure shot up to 140 over 88 and I felt like I was going to kill everyone. I adjusted things again and my readings for about 3 weeks were all over the board. It was driving my moods crazy. I could not think straight. I did not sleep well. And my body's reaction to stuff did not make sense.
For the last couple of days, my readings have been close to normal again. I hope the storm has passed. I am now going on vacation for a week so I hope that will do me some good. I am the type of person that wild swings in my blood pressure just destroys my ability to deal with life.
You can ask my other half on that - lol. I hope to get back to trading and blogging regularly in a couple of weeks. Thanks everyone for the concerns.