Saturday, February 25, 2012

results - last 3 weeks

Feb 6th to Feb 10th-
everything else: zero
net: +62.80
Feb 13th to Feb 17th-
stocks: -150.59
crude: -300.69
everything else: zero
net: -451.28
Feb 20th to Feb 24th
everything: zero
I am not dead for those who are wondering. I was doing 2 to 3 trades a day and now I have dropped next to doing no trades. I see things from time to time but no action. My brain is really f-ed up right now for no good reason I can figure out. I hope to do a post on my misses.
I did go to the NYC traders Expo. it was nice to finally meet some people I was only dealing with on the internet before.
God only knows what my problem is now and he(she?) is not telling me.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

this weeks results 1/30/2012-2/3/2012

Stocks: +142.52
Crude Futures: +14.66
Russell Futures: none
Gold Futures: none
Dow Futures: none
net: +157.18
one good stock trade with out enough size was all this week was about