Sunday, September 30, 2012

Recent Results 9/10/2012-9/28/2012

week 9/10/2012-9/14/2012
Copper Futures: -10.68
Soybean Futures: -56.06
Crude Futures: +4.66
net: -62.08
week 9/17/2012-9/21/2012
On Vacation in Sydney swimming with sharks and climbing to the top of bridges.
week 9/24/2012-9/28/2012
Soybeans: +331.44
Corn: +337.88
Crude: +23.27
Dow Futures: -8.32
net: +684.27
My life has been busy so the results are what you got right now.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

This week Results 9/3/2012-9/7/2012 with details

stocks: -154.58
Dow Futures: +31.66
Russell Futures: -208.24
Soybeans: -5.82
Copper Futures: -10.68
Wheat Futures: +181.94
Crude Futures: +358.66
Gold Futures: +174.66
Net:  +367.60
As you can see, i traded a bit of everything this week. Here are my thoughts. I do not know if anyone cares to see this level of detail. I usually go thru each trade I make each week.  I think this is important for all traders to do this.  I do not know if writing it down for the world to see is helpful for me. I wish I had the time to post a chart of each trade each day but my time is limited. Thoughts anyone?
Dow Futures trade - I missed the big move down in the morning and tried shorting looking for another move down. No dice but I made a few ticks. C+ - would have been a B+ if I had caught some of the down move before.
Soybean trade - playing the opening range break out. Very choppy - could have made $200 instead of breakeven if I saw the choppiness had an upward look. C+.
Two Crude trades - premarket looking for pushes up. Not good setups but made a few ticks. C+.
Russell Future trade - way to aggressive on this looking for a blow out run higher. Other indexes were not playing along. Did not get stop in fast enough and quickly found I was down $400 then froze and was then down $650. Saw ticks were improving and waited out storm. Closed it with -200.  Could have made money on it. A total fuck up all around. F.
Copper trade - Copper was breaking 3.50 just before the pit session opened. Great setup. Copper started trading insanely just before the pit open and I freaked. I got out at break even just before it ran over $1500 in my favor. I wanted to scream. Setup A+. Execution - C.
Crude Trade - beautiful setup, good entry, made $300 in 8 seconds. Two regrets - similar setup just a little early would have made $300-400 also - had order in but pulled it. Second - I should have had 2 contracts on the trade instead one because the setup was so nice. A+ anyway.
Gold trade- another beautiful setup. Got fill - it ran $400 in my favorite - tried trailing and only got $175.  I should have been a little faster with the trail. A+ anyway.
Soybean trade - another great setup - got filled and then had a $200 and move stop to break even. Got stopped out with a fast tick down and on the low tick. Pisser. Could have made $900 trailing it. Setup A+ but execution C+.
Crude trade - just as crude was breaking I threw a trade on with out really looking at it. Took it off because my brain said - this is stupid to trade and not think. Too bad because crude broke hard and I could have made a lot of money. F - for not taking time to think.
Wheat trade - beautiful setup - break out - great entry - nice trail - all around a perfect trade for me - A+.
Stock trade - bought CAT on a opening range breakout. Could have taken a small profit right off the bat but was greedy. Had a 40 cent stop lose and it got hit. Had I had a 50 cent stop - it could have been a good winner. Looking at chart now - stupid place to put stop. C.
On Friday also - I pulled orders on 3 trades that all would been great trades and I missed two other classic setups on my type. I do not know I whimped out at the end of the week so badly. A little less fear on Wednesday and Thursday and a little more guts on Friday - this could have been my best weeks in years.
All I can say is I am getting closer.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

This Weeks Result 8/27/2012-8/31/2012

Dow Futures: +80.56
Stcoks: - 7.67
Russell Futures: +63.92
Wheat Futures:-87.12
Soybean Futures: -348.86
net: -299.17

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Chart Porn 9/1/2012 - The Beans PITA edition

Three Bean charts above.  If I only keep my head on correctly - this would have been a great week for me. I really need to look at where I place my stops.  I am getting taken out one or two ticks from the top or bottom of moves way too often. I showed my other half recently and she laughed her ass off . i think I had 6 trades like that this month. Each ended in a $200-$400 loss. Each would have produced a gain of anywhere from 300 to 2000.  That is a big swing in P/L.