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Friday, May 18, 2012

Chart Porn 5/17/2012 - the Thursday idiot version again

From an entry point of view - this was the first since last Thursday I broke my trading rules and just like last Thursday, I paid dearly for my mistake. During the last week, I have entered using my rules about 80% and each time either made money and broke even.  During the 20% of the time that I entered not to plan, I took a lose each time and the loses were enough to cancel out my gains. I did exit only 50% according to plan which if that was higher, I would have also made to over come my stupid entries.
Even thou I feel stupid - when I stick to my trading plan - I make money. I can at least take that away.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Chart Porn 05/04/2012

The first was the only crude trade I made for the day.  I was proud of myself from the fact I got up - fired up my charts - and took a trade I saw before I was even awake yet. Never in my wildest dreams I thought crude would totally fall apart after the jobs report. It could have been a great day for me if I had more balls.