Saturday, August 25, 2012

This weeks Results 8/20/2012-08/23/2012

Dow Futures: +31.64
Russell Futures: +51.96
Stocks: +5.51
Corn Futures: +62.88
Wheat Futures: +6.44
Soybean Futures: +276.90
Crude Futures: +153.98
Net +589.31
A crazy week of trading for me. I have not traded this much in a long time. Only one loss for me this plus a hand full of scratches. I wish every week went this way.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

This weeks results 8/132012-8/17/2013

Soybean Futures: +175.76
Corn Futures: +37.88
Crude Futures: -136.02
Stocks:  -308.50
Net: -230.88
This games is a game of inches and/or seconds.  I trade the stock KORS a couple of times and lost both times.  I had expected it to run after it earnings. I waited a day after ANN earnings.  I forgot to watch. I traded AAPL and had a $75 gain and than placed my stop at just above break even.  It came down, took me out and went to a $25 loss if I had no stop before making a $4 run. I missed a crude trade by a few seconds and decided to chase. Stupid idea.
So bottom line - if AAPL had gone up 50 cents more before correctly, if I had used the same battle plan on KORS the next day as I used on the day I did, and if I traded my plan in crude instead of chased - I would have had a really great week (+600)  instead -230.
But I was proud on my grain trades.
Still a game of inches or seconds or both.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Chart Porn 8/15/2012

Man this is stupid - I had been trading to plan very well recently.  I got fustrated and went off plan and got hurt quickly.  So %%%%%% stupid of me.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

This Weeks Results 8/6/2012-8/10/2012

Soybean Futures:  +282.14
Crude Futures: +238.30
Dow Futures: +110.66
Russell Futures: +43.92
Stocks: -76.44
Net: +598.58
I continued to try to trade more aggressively and it worked out okay.  I need to increase my side back to normal and not to fear to take fast loses and re-enter positions quickly if need be.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

This Weeks Results 7/30/2012-08/03/2012

Stocks: +85.38
Dow Futures: +76.34
Corn Futures: +44.64
Crude Futures: -916.00
Net: -709.64
A very frustrating week for me.  For weeks now, I have been a wimp with my trading so I decided it was about time to get more aggressive. Ten days ago and longer for about 5 weeks, that would have worked out great. The last 10 days - it sucked. A couple of trades I even top ticked a buy and bottom ticked a sell.
Friday was a dream day made for me but I was so pissed about so many things - I barely watched the markets at all. I hope to post something more on mental capital verses money capital.  A very important concept that many traders do not understand.  For a very emotional person like me, it is super important.