Thursday, March 31, 2011

Free Chat Room - you can visit Denarii live

Go click on the link in the upper right hand part of this blog to come to a free stock day trading chat room. No cost. No expectations. No one trying to sell you anything. Stop bye and say hi.

Monday, March 28, 2011

You can make this shit up 3/28/2011

This is the most insane stupid thing I think I have ever done and I do not know if I tried to I could ever recreate it in a million years.
The above is the chart of QLD going into the close. I thought if I sold a new low - the market might die on the close. I got filled about 3:30 on a new low. I watch the market bounce a little to 87.91. I started to fill out a stop order at 87.92. I wanted a tight order so not to be caught in some sudden buying at the close. The QLD start moving toward the low again. I had most of the order typed in except the default was a LIMIT not a stop. I was kind of sitting weird in my chair so I decided to adjust myself. At that point I lost my balance and nearly fell on the floor. I had my mouse in one hand and I had hit the keyboard with the other.
Next thing I hear is my order being filled. WTF. What happened? Seconds later as I figured out I no longer was short, the QLD broke the low.
The only thing I could figure is that I did not have all the order filled but enough of it. I must have first hit the mouse that clicked on the order button. Then when the review order mini-screen showed up, I must have hit the enter key as I was trying to keep from falling on the floor.
Net of the trade - lost $49 when I should have made $200 or if I held on to after hours $500.
You can't make this shit up. I need to write a book.

Something is worng

Strong is wrong with my ability to post correctly. You can see my post below.
Update - i had to use Firefox to edit the post correctly. Do not know what is wrong with IE 8 right now.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

This week's Results 03/21/2011-03/25/2011

Sad thing this week is I made 15 trades. Only one of the 15 trades got stopped out. 12 of the trades turned out being good winners. The bad part is I only let 2 of them run. I left a ton on the table this.
Stocks: -80
Stock Futures: -104
Crude Oil: +329
Net +155

Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Good, The Bad and the Ugly - in other words, this weeks crap 3/19/2011

Good, Bad, and Ugly - The first chart - perfect entries and no stress. Second chart - more than likely a stupid entry but good stop. Third chart - totally emotional chaos - did not follow plan - screwed up order entry - sucks big time.
Stocks: - 8
Crude Futures: +19
Stock Futures: -18
Net: -9

Saturday, March 12, 2011

This weeks Results - 3/7-3/11

Stocks +9
Crude Futures + 109
total +118
I find it hard to think about trading after seeing pictures from Japan on Friday.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Toliet Trade - Oh CRAP plus last week's results

When I pull a bonehead move like this especially on a week where most of my trades sucked, I want to scream. I have had problems with when and how long I can watch the markets. I got an alert from Stewie on a stock that looked really good. I missed the alert by a few seconds but I started buying a little higher. The stock looked like it was going to explode to the upside.
The stupid part was just before I got the alert - I felt the need to relieve and badly. I bought anyway and wait for a few minutes. I had to go or I would soil by pants. I should have just placed a close stop and go but the last two times I did this I lost out. Onetime badly, because I did not place as stop. Instead this time I cashed out for a very small profit and ran to the bathroom just making it.
The trade if I had a full size on would have turned a shitty week (lol) into a breakeven week.
Dow Futures: - 168
Crude Futures: +69
Euro Spot: -105
Stocks: - 360
Total -564