Sunday, June 1, 2014

May Results 2014

Trades: 22
Winners: 14
 Losers: 5
 Break evens:3
Total Gains: $1376.00
Total Losses: $-355.50
Avg Gain: $98.29
Avg Loss: $-71.10
Biggest Gain: $285.00
Biggest Loss: $200.00
Trade Net: +1020.50
Commissions: -$130.49
Short term Trading Net: +$890.01
Month Net: -$367.02
This is a month where my accounting gets confusing. I basicly been posting my results of my day trading accounts but over time I have had some multi-year swings positions in them also.  Add to that late last year, I started selling premium which some of those trades have lasted for weeks.
So if you just take my day trading of futures, my very short term stock trades (a few days at most) and my selling of option premiums - I had an up month. If you want to include the stock I sold for a two year loss - I had a down month. These stocks I own for years in my short term trading accounts are to generate dividends which I have not included in the stats above.
Any way in my mind and how I look at my trading - May was a winner for me and the fourth up month in a row for me. This process was been like turning a huge ship around and I can only hope I have made that turn.