Sunday, April 24, 2011

You can't make this shit up - part 3 results 4/18-4/21

I am sorry I do not have more time to post but I am getting ready for a vacation. I only traded really two days this week made good money. It is also the first time in a long time I made money in both Stocks, Stock Futures and Crude futures. I also had a nerve racking trade that I sat on my hands and allowed the trade to finish as plan. Something I seldom do. Also I am sitting on a swing trade with a $750 profit.
Stocks: +46
Stock Futures: +271
Crude Futures: +369
Total: +686

Sunday, April 17, 2011

This weeks Results 4/11-4/15 and other crap

I wonder if I am ever going to get off the tread mill with my trading? About two years ago, any bit of trading improved has stopped and when I look at all my accounts P&L minus what I have paid for a few services - I am flat. Flat during two years of an incredible market boom including commodities. This is so stupid. I know that my daughters accident took a lot and I mean a lot out of me but still - I am pissed.
Crude futures: -231
Stock Futures: +90
Stocks: +142
Net: +1
I took a big lose in Crude Futures as my first trade of the week and was a wimp for the rest of the week as I fought back to get back to even.
I hate fucking IE - also. I can't edit my blog there anymore.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

This weeks results - 4/4/2011 to 4/8/2011

Stocks: +227
Crude Futures: +9
Net +236

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

You can't this shit up part 2 (updated) - 4/6/2011

The gods hate me. I have not been trading much this week at all with one crisis happening after another.
First of all it is my birthday. Birthdays should be happy days but they seldom are for me. Today was no exception.
First of all, the kitchen sink on off values gave out and we only had cold water. I could not fix it myself this weekend so the plumber was called. He showed up yesterday and did a great job but it really screwed up yesterday. Last night being frustrated with everything I surfed the web and went to a bad place.
When I booted up this morning all hell broke loose. The PC went into some type of loop demanding I buy some Internet anti-virus software. I panicked and thought my PC had been totally hacked. I got totally stressed out if one of my PCs out of service. I tried fixing it with no luck. I said to myself - screw it - I make enough money. I will get it fixed correctly so I called webroot. While setting up the appointment to fix the PC remotely - the sales lady noticed my software needed to be reviewed and sold me an upgrade. I installed the upgrade and paid for the remote fix. Forget the markets - I need to work so I logged onto my work PC from home or tried too. The upgrade was blocking my access.
You got to be kidding. I felt I had two useless PCs on my hands and wanted to cry. Someone then calls from work and with out figuring out the number - I yell into the phone "who is it and what the hell do you want?". Guess what? It was one of my VPs at work and stated his name and his question. I nearly died again. He asked quickly why I sounded stressed. I told him about the plumbing and my PC problems and the fact it was my birthday and this should be a happy day. He laughed and wished me a happy birthday and then informed me on was on speaker phone. Really wanted to die a third time today. I answered the questions and I said I was sorry for being in a bad mood.
Back to trying to connect to work and then the door bell rings. Two Jehovah witnesses at the door and both are like in there 70's. Is this God telling me I am going to hell because I visited websites I should not have. Wasn't the virus and $130 it cost me to fix it enough. God had to send two old ladies to my door to ask me if I knew I was going to hell.
I just wanted to die. Luckily I turned off the new firewall to get to my work PC. Then my luck got better when two meetings were cancelled and I had time to get work done. Then the virus cleaning guy said my PC was cleanable and he would have me back up and running in a couple of hours.
So my anti-virus is now upgraded to the next level. My main stock trading PC is working. I know how to get into my work PC again. And I in a weird way got a lot of work done.
Happy f-ing birthday to me. I do not think my heart will last to the next one if I have many more days like today.
PS - hopefully Crack will find this funny.
A happy ending to this story - I was able to have a great meal at a very good but quiet joint (bad weather) with my other half and spent the rest of the evening in her arms regaining my nerves.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Last week's Results - 3/27/2011 thru 4/1/2011

Again I made 7 trades and 6 of them would have bee good winners if I only sat on my hands or not fallen out of my chair.
Crude Futures: +177
Stocks: -257
Net: -80