Sunday, September 14, 2014

August 2014 results

Winners: 17
 Losers: 12
Break evens:7
Total Gains: $749.50
Total Losses: $-612.50
Avg Gain: $44.06
Avg Loss: $-51.04
Biggest Gain: $125.00
Biggest Loss: $150.00
Trade Net: $136.50
Commissions: -$177.01
Short term Trading Net: -$40.51
Month Net: $-40.51
I had one really bad week this month that I seemed to not be able to do anything right.  A couple of really bad trading decisions and it was the worst week since January for me.  Even thou I dug a big hole for myself, I nearly got back to even with a very solid last week of the month.
I am thankful we are now back in September and the volume is much higher with most of the players back. I was on vacation the first week of September so I hope to be really refreshed for the month.
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