Sunday, February 2, 2014

January 2014 Results

 Break evens:3
Total Gains: $448.50
Total Losses: $660.00
Avg Gain: $89.70
Avg Loss: $73.33
Biggest Gain: $162.50
Biggest Loss: $200.00
Trade Net: -$211.50
Commissions: -$158.38
Day Trading Net: -$369.88
Month Net:-$369.88
Not a good start to the year.  So many mental mistakes, it is not funny. I traded like a two year old on too much sugar. I am very happy the damage to my account was little. I got lucky on one trade were my entry was slipped by 3 ticks but my exit was slipped by 5 ticks - go figure.
I rate my trades in different ways but I gave myself 6 "good" marks, 7 "stupid" marks and 9 "chicken" marks. To make the amount of money I would like to make - I believe the ratio in a month should be 80% "good", 10% "stupid" and 10% "chicken". This does not count the amount of unfilled orders where the ratings are missing. I need to log those also somehow.
Basicly what I mean by these terms are:
GOOD = win or loss - good setup and followed trading plan.
STUPID = win or loss - bad setup or chased market
CHICKEN = win or loss - good setup but did not follow trading plan
I think everyone should look at their trades in great detail to learn from them. Maybe one day I will learn from my own.