Sunday, January 5, 2014

Year 2013 results - sort of

I always wonder how to sum of the yearly results.  I like to look at them many ways. If you do not include fees (other than commissions) from the brokers I used and factor in the outstanding swings I have - I made $847.24 - this includes dividends but I feel this year sucked for me.
Winning months (including commissions):  3
Losing months:  9.
One big swing made: $3606.00
total dividends:  $1427.00
My day trading nets: - 4185.76  (second worst year for me).
Total commissions: 2685.93
I am sitting on two swings and there value did not change much comparing this year to last but the one I am holding at a 8,000 loss.  The other is at a 3,000 gain.
I am just glad this year is over.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

December 2013 Results

Break evens:1
Total Gains: $289.00
Total Losses: $539.50
Avg Gain: $72.25
Avg Loss: $89.92
Biggest Gain: $114.00
Biggest Loss: $200.00
Trade Net: -$250.50
Commissions: -$80.24
Day Trading Net: -$330.74
Month Net:-$330.74
Did not trade much this month.  Trying to work on a new idea. I am using way too many indciators and crap on my charts.  Trying to just look at lot less.
One trade this month sticks in my side. The employment numbers caused big moves on the 6th. I had 3 setups firing off at the same time- crude, euro and S&P.  I did not know which one to pick. I have picked them all.  I have the account size to do it. Instead I only picked the EURO. The S&P moved $800 and crude moved $1400 in the right direction. The Euro on its first attempt did not make it and stopped me for a $200 loss but on the second attempt it moved over $500. I did not have the guts to take the second trade.
Botton line is I should have taken all four trades and made over $2500 for the day.  Instead I chickened out and sat with a $200 loss -  the story of of this years trading for me.