Sunday, May 5, 2013

April 2013 Results

Trades: 46
Break evens: 2
Total Gains: $2112.50
Total Losses: $1651.00
Avg Gain: $75.42
Avg Loss: $103.18
Biggest Gain: $425.00
Biggest Loss: $262.50
Trade Net: +$461.50
Commissions: -$392.95
Net: +$68.54
This was a good mental month for me. I dug myself a big hole. I was down over $700 for the month on the 17th.  That day I had freaked out about a gold trade I was in. I got slipped 9 ticks on my enter and just totally screwed up the trade. That was the low point and I slowly climbed out and made it back to black. This is very good mentally for me.
I discovered something really weird about myself at the same time. I found I am allergic to caffeine.It seemed the more I was tired, the more coffee I drank. The more coffee I drank (10-14 cups), the more tired I became because of the allergy. Anyway - I stopped with the coffee and life became better and trading became easier because I was not tired and wired. This will make May an interesting month for me. 
Update: I should clarify.  I had drank about 60 to 80 ounces of coffee a day.  I think in cups of either 6 or 8 ounces or say 4 Starbucks a day. Now because of the allergy - I drink less than 6 ounces and it is half caffeine and half decaf.