Sunday, February 3, 2013

Results 1/28/2013-2/1/2013

stocks: +127.70
Dow futures: +0.56
Nasdaq Futures: none
Russell Furtures: -4.02
Crude Futures: +139.32
Gold Futures: none
Copper Futures: -17.84
Corn Futures: none
Soybean Futures: -505.42
Euro Futures: -472.56
Net: -732.26
Ouch - it has been a while since I had a mental melt down - this was that week. I made two good trades on Monday following my rules but missed 3 great trades. Tuesday I missed in premarket two great trades and my frustration was building. I then spend the next two days getting chopped to pieces in Beans on a bunch of very small trades.  Some of those trades those trades did not even follow my rules. By Friday - my mind was wasted and I should not have traded but with the jobs report - the volatility would be there for some possible big gains. Instead I forced a trade that had nothing to do with rules and tried to turn it into a winner and took one of my larger losses in months.
I got to clear my head and go back to the rules before I go crazy and blow up.
 Regardless of the good or bad - I still post this crap - lol.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

January 2013 results

Trades: 53
Winners: 29
Losers: 20
Break evens: 4
Total Gains: $1718.50
Total Losses: $1402.90
Avg Gain: $59.25
Avg Loss: $70.10
Biggest Gain: $162.50
Biggest Loss: $137.90
Trade Net: +$305.60
Commissions: -$367.61
Net: -$62.01
 Most of these trades are one or two lots in Futures. I should have ended my month on 1/28. I was up about $500 for the month at that point.