Monday, July 1, 2013

June 2013 Results

Trades: 19
Break evens: 1
Total Gains: $625.50
Total Losses: $1325.00
Avg Gain: $62.55
Avg Loss: $165.62
Biggest Gain: $200.00
Biggest Loss: $250.00
Trade Net: -737.50
Commissions: -$190.94
Day Trading Net: -$928.44
Month Net:-$928.44
Same old same old. I previously was having a couple of bigger gains to offset my losers. For the last two months, I have not had that in my day trading trades. I also seem to have the problem again were if my first trade is a loss - I can't seem to pull the trigger anymore for that day. My work and personal life was a lot crazier this month.  You can see that by the reduced number of trades. Also one of my trading computers is giving me problems and tomorrow I hope my new computer will show up. Having a flaky computer messes with your mind.
I am not making excuses for another poor month of trades.  After reviewing my trades in great detail I am finding I am trying to take less risky trades most of the time.  It is turning out that less risk is equalling more losses for me on the setups I see.  The bottom line is I need to stick to my trading plan and not be a chicken.