Monday, July 27, 2009

Again Thanks....

My daughter is doing great compared to what we thought she would be going through. She can not move she right side of her face even though there is feeling there. She mixes up words and a few words have new meaning. She will need to relearn them at some point. She is dieing to get back to work but it will still be a couple of months. All is all it was truly a miracle recovery.
Again thanks. So many people have prayed for her. So many people have done things for her and the family. So many well wishes, cards, gifts and stuff animals. It has been wonderful.
Again if you feel you can help with a donation. Please hit the button to the left. Any amount is welcomed.
Again a last special request. Please continue to pray for her because the real battle will be when she goes back to her life. Her life style was killing her. Pray for her and pray for all the people who are doing the same stupid thing - destroying themselves.
Thanks - I feel truly blessed by this whole world community we share called the Internet.

Monday Big Mouth stocks 7/27/2009

WOW - charts appear again. Yes - I am trying to get back into the trading mode. I still have no feel for when I will trade again. I want my brain to get back together first.
Anyway - there was 3 big mouth stocks. They were not super pretty but all would have/could have been 3% winners.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Health Care Again

I have already had people (too many) be in my face about - you must really support health care reform now. I feelings toward health reform has not changed at all. I think we really need it now. I thought a year ago we really needed now. I thought 22 years ago when I was lost in the system - we really needed now.

The problem I see with what both the House and Senate plans want to do is not reform in my opinion. I see based on the stuff I read in the papers and the CBO report that the plans might reduce the number of uninsured by a 1/3 and force the system into bankruptcy fast than it is going there today. I brought this one in conversion and I got an ear full about being an Obama brasher. I can not believe people.

The bottom line of each plan is in both my daughter would still not be able to afford health care insurance under each plan - period.

True reform I believe starts with TORT reform. Is there any nation on this planet were people can have so much fun suing each other? The next part of reform is changing fee for service. There is a host of other things that can reduce costs.

The bottom line for this country is everybody needs to be insured one way or another but unless the costs of our system is addressed and how the health care is provided - we will turn a big mess into a bigger mess. With that said - I guess 50% of you will call me an Obama basher for making those statements.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A thing I really hate....

It really pisses me off that too many people believe there is only totally red people and totally blue people. You make a couple a red comments and they suddenly think they totally know what you think. The totally red and blue people have their minds so shut, it is impossible to even talk about anything with them. It is truly sad and I know too many of them on both sides.

Sad, very sad.

Any way, I am back in NJ and will sleep in my our bed for only the second time in two weeks. I do not know when I will get my life back to normal again. There is still so many things to help my daughter. I know she is 24 and she is an adult but she still does not have a fully functioning brain and can not handle stress. The great things is every day she is improving at a miracle rate. After two weeks of hell, she is where I expected her to be about 6 months from now.

It is has been a true miracle and again thanks for all the prayers.

Through this craziness, I seen some really great humans helping each other through even tougher things than I was going through. I also saw really great sadness and I have seen people being their normal jerks of life. All in all, it has given me a new found hope that people for the most part want to help others and come together in crises.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

If anyone questions my thoughts on health care....

Please see comments on this post on Jules blog. If you want to debate the health care mess we have where. Please do it on my blog and Jules. She is a saint and those comments should be made here instead.

Thank you so much.....

Thanks you so much for thosee who have donate and all who have sent prayers.

I hope at sometime - I will be able to send a privite thank you each.

Please anyone reading this - any amount will be a great help.

My daughter is now is rehab for brain injuries. We do not know how long she will be there. Please keep hurt in your prayers. This is going to be a very long road for her and her family and friends.

Thanks again.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

God, I hate to ask.....

but my daughter is uninsured. The bills will toatl about 400k US dollar. If you feel it in your heart to help, please hit my donate button, thanks.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Status of this Blog

I do not know when I will trade again or post. The daughter fell down a flight of stairs and really messed her head up. This is her story.

The site is free. Simple registration.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Monday Trade Review 7/6/2009

No Trades - No Big Mouth Stocks.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Thursday Trade Review 7/2/2009

As I post this, my Thursday trading is still eating at me. The top chart is ILMN. I have been having so many problems giving a trade enough time and room to work - it is driving me crazy. A lot of times if a stock breaks an important chart point and fails, I was giving it 10 to 15 cents and getting stopped a lot. A few day ago, I gave GERN a little extra room but I was stopped just a few cents from the first breakout failure before it truly broke out.
Now on Thursday, I decided to even ILMN even more room and again I was stopped just a few cents above the low but this time ILMN did not out and really run - over a point in fact. This is driving me crazy. I recognized my error and tried again at ILMN second breakout but missed so I tried to get in on a pullback and missed that by a couple of cents. Boy was I pissed.
Then I saw what I thought was a buy signal in the Dow futures but instead, I was just a little too quick and bought before the signal and the signal never happened. Once, I recognized that, I did not get out but waited until my stop loss was taken out.
Both these trades I allowed to screw with my head for the rest of the day. So when the X trade happened, at the first sign of trouble, instead of peeling, I sold the whole position where that trade could have covered most of my losses for the day if I sat in it.
Three things come out of this day, act faster, think clearer and sit on your f-ing hands.
The numbers:
Stocks: gross -187 net-205 shares 3600
Stock Futures: gross -180 net -189 contract 4
Forex: none

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Wednesday Trade Review 7/1/2009

No Trades and No Big Mouth Stocks. The Big mouth is on vacation this week.

June Monthly Numbers

My June Monthly Numbers:
wins: 39 losses : 18
Avg Win: 63.64 Avg loss: -68.78
Gross Trading: +1,244.00
Comissions: -457.99
Net Trading: +786.01
Biggest Win: +270.00
Biggest Lost: -220.00
Data Fees: -70.00
Interest: 0
Account Net: +716.01