Monday, December 10, 2012

Results 11/26/2012-12/07/2012

Dow Futures: -287.20
Russell Futures: -580.10
Nasdaq Futures: +40.56
Crude Futures: - 123.31
Copper Futures: +41.14
Soybean Futures: -117.36
Net:  -976.35
Three bonehead trades made up for the majority of the losses.  I am not seeing the market well right now.  Even my missed trades do not look like they would work.  I feel screwed right now.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Results 10/29/2012-11/23/2012

Dividends: +294.00
Stocks: +50.41
Nasdaq Futures: -7.66
Copper Futures: +32.16
Gold Futures:  +104.66
Crude Futures: -12.04
Soybean Futures: +43.16
Corn Futures: +75.76
Dow Futures: -0.56
Net:  +579.89
I am not dead yet. I lost power for 8 days because of Sandy and spent 7 days in Las Vegas. So I have not been trading much.  When I have been trading the results been okay. The problems is I have dropped in value over $14k in my utility swings I have. One had bad earnings and died 20% while I really had no access to the internet. My swings have gone from plus 6k to minus 8k in less than 3 weeks. I hope December returns a more normal life for me.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

This week's Results 10/22/2012-10/26/2012

Crude Futures: -363.40
Soybean Futures: +6.82
Nasdaq Futures: +61.12
Dow Futures: -0.56
Net:  -296.02
Four weeks of losses and I could whine but I won't. Time to deal with Sandy.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

This Week's Results 10/15/2012-10/19/2012

Copper Futures: -126.70
Soybean Futures: +125.38
Wheat Futures: -137.12
Dow Futures: -32.00
Crude Futures: +66.60
Nasdaq Futures: -58.88
Gold Futures: +14.66
Russell Futures: +135.98
Stocks: -92.60
Net: - 104.58
Usually I trade 5 to 10 times a week , I had 48 trades this. Way too many. My broker must be very happy. I wanted to be more aggressive but I guess I got carried away.  I cut too many of winners too fast but I did not let one of my losers get away. I wimped out on way too many good trades and I think a lot of my trades were frustrations from that. There was at least 10 trades that I either pulled the order before it got filled or I pushed the stop loss too close to protect the same gains where they would have been great trades. Crazy man crazy.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Monday, October 15, 2012

This weeks Results 10/8/2012-10/12/2012

Soybean Futures: -118.64
Gold Futures: - 136.02
Crude Futures: +223.30
Dow Futures: -52.20
Nasdaq Futures: -68.88
Copper Futures: +64.32
Stocks: +0.20
Net: -87.82
The last two weeks I have not traded well on the days trading should have been easy. And one day each week when trading was not easy - I chased and got hit. I feel I should have shown much better results than this so far for the month of October.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

This weeks results - 10/01/2012-10/05/2012

Corn Futures: -162.12
Wheat Futures: - 62.12
Soybean Futures: -155.68
Copper Futures: -21.36
Crude Futures: +264.02
Dow Futures: +36.22
Russell Futures: +53.92
Net: -47.12
It was a crazy week for me mentally.  I got so frustrated missing so many good trades or chickening out of them - I went crazy on Wednesday and lost a bunch of money chasing a bunch of trades. I am surprised my numbers were not a lot worse.

September adjustment

I forgot to include $294 in dividends to my results.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Recent Results 9/10/2012-9/28/2012

week 9/10/2012-9/14/2012
Copper Futures: -10.68
Soybean Futures: -56.06
Crude Futures: +4.66
net: -62.08
week 9/17/2012-9/21/2012
On Vacation in Sydney swimming with sharks and climbing to the top of bridges.
week 9/24/2012-9/28/2012
Soybeans: +331.44
Corn: +337.88
Crude: +23.27
Dow Futures: -8.32
net: +684.27
My life has been busy so the results are what you got right now.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

This week Results 9/3/2012-9/7/2012 with details

stocks: -154.58
Dow Futures: +31.66
Russell Futures: -208.24
Soybeans: -5.82
Copper Futures: -10.68
Wheat Futures: +181.94
Crude Futures: +358.66
Gold Futures: +174.66
Net:  +367.60
As you can see, i traded a bit of everything this week. Here are my thoughts. I do not know if anyone cares to see this level of detail. I usually go thru each trade I make each week.  I think this is important for all traders to do this.  I do not know if writing it down for the world to see is helpful for me. I wish I had the time to post a chart of each trade each day but my time is limited. Thoughts anyone?
Dow Futures trade - I missed the big move down in the morning and tried shorting looking for another move down. No dice but I made a few ticks. C+ - would have been a B+ if I had caught some of the down move before.
Soybean trade - playing the opening range break out. Very choppy - could have made $200 instead of breakeven if I saw the choppiness had an upward look. C+.
Two Crude trades - premarket looking for pushes up. Not good setups but made a few ticks. C+.
Russell Future trade - way to aggressive on this looking for a blow out run higher. Other indexes were not playing along. Did not get stop in fast enough and quickly found I was down $400 then froze and was then down $650. Saw ticks were improving and waited out storm. Closed it with -200.  Could have made money on it. A total fuck up all around. F.
Copper trade - Copper was breaking 3.50 just before the pit session opened. Great setup. Copper started trading insanely just before the pit open and I freaked. I got out at break even just before it ran over $1500 in my favor. I wanted to scream. Setup A+. Execution - C.
Crude Trade - beautiful setup, good entry, made $300 in 8 seconds. Two regrets - similar setup just a little early would have made $300-400 also - had order in but pulled it. Second - I should have had 2 contracts on the trade instead one because the setup was so nice. A+ anyway.
Gold trade- another beautiful setup. Got fill - it ran $400 in my favorite - tried trailing and only got $175.  I should have been a little faster with the trail. A+ anyway.
Soybean trade - another great setup - got filled and then had a $200 and move stop to break even. Got stopped out with a fast tick down and on the low tick. Pisser. Could have made $900 trailing it. Setup A+ but execution C+.
Crude trade - just as crude was breaking I threw a trade on with out really looking at it. Took it off because my brain said - this is stupid to trade and not think. Too bad because crude broke hard and I could have made a lot of money. F - for not taking time to think.
Wheat trade - beautiful setup - break out - great entry - nice trail - all around a perfect trade for me - A+.
Stock trade - bought CAT on a opening range breakout. Could have taken a small profit right off the bat but was greedy. Had a 40 cent stop lose and it got hit. Had I had a 50 cent stop - it could have been a good winner. Looking at chart now - stupid place to put stop. C.
On Friday also - I pulled orders on 3 trades that all would been great trades and I missed two other classic setups on my type. I do not know I whimped out at the end of the week so badly. A little less fear on Wednesday and Thursday and a little more guts on Friday - this could have been my best weeks in years.
All I can say is I am getting closer.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

This Weeks Result 8/27/2012-8/31/2012

Dow Futures: +80.56
Stcoks: - 7.67
Russell Futures: +63.92
Wheat Futures:-87.12
Soybean Futures: -348.86
net: -299.17

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Chart Porn 9/1/2012 - The Beans PITA edition

Three Bean charts above.  If I only keep my head on correctly - this would have been a great week for me. I really need to look at where I place my stops.  I am getting taken out one or two ticks from the top or bottom of moves way too often. I showed my other half recently and she laughed her ass off . i think I had 6 trades like that this month. Each ended in a $200-$400 loss. Each would have produced a gain of anywhere from 300 to 2000.  That is a big swing in P/L.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

This weeks Results 8/20/2012-08/23/2012

Dow Futures: +31.64
Russell Futures: +51.96
Stocks: +5.51
Corn Futures: +62.88
Wheat Futures: +6.44
Soybean Futures: +276.90
Crude Futures: +153.98
Net +589.31
A crazy week of trading for me. I have not traded this much in a long time. Only one loss for me this plus a hand full of scratches. I wish every week went this way.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

This weeks results 8/132012-8/17/2013

Soybean Futures: +175.76
Corn Futures: +37.88
Crude Futures: -136.02
Stocks:  -308.50
Net: -230.88
This games is a game of inches and/or seconds.  I trade the stock KORS a couple of times and lost both times.  I had expected it to run after it earnings. I waited a day after ANN earnings.  I forgot to watch. I traded AAPL and had a $75 gain and than placed my stop at just above break even.  It came down, took me out and went to a $25 loss if I had no stop before making a $4 run. I missed a crude trade by a few seconds and decided to chase. Stupid idea.
So bottom line - if AAPL had gone up 50 cents more before correctly, if I had used the same battle plan on KORS the next day as I used on the day I did, and if I traded my plan in crude instead of chased - I would have had a really great week (+600)  instead -230.
But I was proud on my grain trades.
Still a game of inches or seconds or both.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Chart Porn 8/15/2012

Man this is stupid - I had been trading to plan very well recently.  I got fustrated and went off plan and got hurt quickly.  So %%%%%% stupid of me.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

This Weeks Results 8/6/2012-8/10/2012

Soybean Futures:  +282.14
Crude Futures: +238.30
Dow Futures: +110.66
Russell Futures: +43.92
Stocks: -76.44
Net: +598.58
I continued to try to trade more aggressively and it worked out okay.  I need to increase my side back to normal and not to fear to take fast loses and re-enter positions quickly if need be.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

This Weeks Results 7/30/2012-08/03/2012

Stocks: +85.38
Dow Futures: +76.34
Corn Futures: +44.64
Crude Futures: -916.00
Net: -709.64
A very frustrating week for me.  For weeks now, I have been a wimp with my trading so I decided it was about time to get more aggressive. Ten days ago and longer for about 5 weeks, that would have worked out great. The last 10 days - it sucked. A couple of trades I even top ticked a buy and bottom ticked a sell.
Friday was a dream day made for me but I was so pissed about so many things - I barely watched the markets at all. I hope to post something more on mental capital verses money capital.  A very important concept that many traders do not understand.  For a very emotional person like me, it is super important.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

This weeks results - 07/23/2012-07/27/2012

Stocks: +13.20
Russell Futures: -6.8
Dow Futures: -9.44
Crude Futures: -156.02
A log crazy week for me of many missed opps. I just wonder if I will ever hit them.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Chart Porn 7/24/2012 - as it is happening - idiot again

live action from me - after watching the setup for 20 minutes and a small rally - I gave up on the short - dummy me - this week is killing mentally

Chart Porn - 7/23/2012 - another one got away

Friday, July 20, 2012

The weeks results and some chart porn 7/16/2012-7/20/2012

The only trade was where I tried to go long crude after it took out Friday's high. It pulled back and I got stopped with about $30 gain.

I first had the below crude trade.  This is about my favorite setup. I tried the Dow futures later and got stopped for a small gain.

I tried crude a couple of times.  Again another one of my favorite trade setups.  Crude report causes crude to drop fast against the major trend - then it recovers and it takes out the high/low of the news move and you go with it. I had one stupid stock trade for a small loss.

I had played around with crude again and got stopped for a 10 cent lost. If i had an 13 cent stop which looked smarter on the chart - i could have gained 10 to 20 cents on the trade.  i was a little pissed so when news came out and tanked the market - I jumped on a short to make up for my loss.  A stupid way to trade.  I messed around with IBM and broke even.

I tried a couple of stupid stock trades and lost $50 bucks. I could have made money if I could have only typed my stop loss order in correctly.  No futures today but my options I had sold against a swing position expired worthless today and I banked the entire amount.
Dow futures: +111.12
Crude Futures: +283.64
Stock trades; - 68.20
Sold Call Options: +246.37
Net: +522.93
If I could have typed better and took a 13 cent stop instead of a 10 cent one - it would have been a plus 1000 week for me. Anyway - this week I did more trading than I had done in one week for a long time.  I hope I am getting back into the swing of things again.  At least that is what my broker hopes for - lol.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

This weeks results - 7/2/2012-7/13/2012

Dow Futures: +0.56
Stocks: +12.00
net: +12.56
This has been my trading for the last two weeks - two trades. I have not died or anything else.  I took a short vacation, work has been crazy and I had Trade Station issues with the last upgrade (which I hope I fixed).  I hope to be trading more the last two weeks of July but it is like watch paint dry this summer.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

This weeks Results 6/25/2012-6/29/2012

Stocks: +19.00
Dow Futures: +31.68
Soybean Futures: -10.72
Euro Futures: none
Crude Futures: none
Russell Futures: none
net:  + 48.96

Monday, June 25, 2012

Chart Porn 6/25/2012 - another one got away edition B#$% S*&%

The details are on the chart.  If I only had the balls to wait it out just a few more seconds. I never had more than a $100 gain or loss for those 6 minutes. I had a $300 loss with a target of $500 plus. oh crap.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

This Weeks Results 6/18/2012-6/22/2012

Stocks: +210.11
Dow Futures: +70.56
Rusell Futures: none
Euro Futures: none
Gold Futures: none
Net: +280.66
Relatively happy with this week seeing I was hardly watching the markets.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Chart Porn 6/19/2012

The comments are on the charts.  Very frustrating day - missed so many good setups.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Lady from SF on the Plane

If you want to keep in touch - email me at -  It was nice to talk to you and your daughter  for 5 hours

Saturday, June 16, 2012

This week's results - 6/10/2012-6/17/2012

Did not trade. I was in Portland for the week on vacation.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Dinner with Trader Stevie... I mean Trader Stewie and Wives.

Stewie and I got together for dinner during my visit to Portland. We had great steaks at a wonderful place.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

This Weeks Results 06/04/2012-06/08/2012

Stocks:  +101.90
Russell Futures: +71.96
Dow Futures: none
Gold Futures: none
EURO Futures: none
Net: +173.86
Did not do much trading at all this week.  Did something I had not done in a long while and that was sell call options against one of my long term positions.  We will see how that turns out.  I saw a lot of setups this week but was really lacking in guts to take trades.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Chart Porn - 06/05/2012

My first good trade in about two weeks. Saying I did a lot of things wrong. I should have entered with two units based on the setup and how the market was moving. The first unit I should have kept the tight stop I used or maybe just take 20 cents. The second unit I should have had a trailing stop. It has been a while since I managed a 2 unit trade successfully.
Anyway it was a good trade and I feel like I got a monkey off my back.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

This Weeks Results 5/28/2012-6/1/2012

Russell Futures: -84.02
Dow Futures: -128.57
Stocks: - 109.80
Gold Futures: none
Euro Futures: none
Crude Futures: none
Net: -322.39

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Chart Porn 05/30/2012 the impatient edition

Both trades were in market I thought were ready to break hard. If I just sat with both longer - I could have made decent money but instead 2 losers.

Friday, May 25, 2012

This week's Results 5/21/2012-05/25/2012

Russell Futures: +49.96
Dow Futures: none
Crude Futures: -156.02
Gold Futures: none
Euro Futures: none
Stocks: -641.25
net: -747.31
Big ass loss this week.  The stock trade was Facebook and I was going to swing trade it for a couple of days.  The only good thing about this week is that I did not blow my profits on Thursday.  Bad news was I had no profits to blow.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Chart Porn 05/21/2012 - FB unliked version

I wanted to swing FB.  I assumed a second day bounce that did not happened.  Dummy me for not being quicker on the exit.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

This weeks results 5/14/2012-5/18/2012

Dow Futures: +61.68
Stocks: +31.94
Crude Futures: -50.68
Russell Futures: none
Gold Futures: none
net: +42,94
My screw up on Thursday produced a nothing week.  What should have been a $120 gain was instead a $180 loss making this week being next to zero.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Chart Porn 5/18/2012 - missed opp edtion

I did not trade on Friday. Between being stupid on Thursday, a doctors appointment and Face book coming out - I just could not get off my butt.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Chart Porn 5/17/2012 - the Thursday idiot version again

From an entry point of view - this was the first since last Thursday I broke my trading rules and just like last Thursday, I paid dearly for my mistake. During the last week, I have entered using my rules about 80% and each time either made money and broke even.  During the 20% of the time that I entered not to plan, I took a lose each time and the loses were enough to cancel out my gains. I did exit only 50% according to plan which if that was higher, I would have also made to over come my stupid entries.
Even thou I feel stupid - when I stick to my trading plan - I make money. I can at least take that away.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Chart Porn - 05/15/2012

Another good trade today. The two others were break even.  So far this week, I have only screwed up one stop royally and the rest of the trades have been by my rules. Last week started out good, but that Thursday mind melt was bad.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Chart Porn 5/14/2012

Everything is on the chart.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

This weeks Results 5/7/2012-5/11/2012

Russell Futures: +51.96
Dow Futures: -83.04
Euro Futures: -79.94
Crude Futures: +29.32
Stocks: -149.38
Nets:  -231.08
I allowed myself to mentally screw myself and my results were crap because of them.  I made one good futures trade this week and that was the quickly on Sunday night. I had one good stock trade and that was the US Steal one for 20 cents. The rest were: a got me out I have a profit costing me a large gain, two stupid counter-trend trades costing me enough, four trades were I had my stop too close and a trade I should not have been one because I did not have the time to watch it.
I would love a week were regardless if I made money or not - I entered where I should have, I kept my stops where they should have been and I got out when either a good profit was hit or when the reason for being in the trade was no longer valid. One other thing - each trade was with the correct size.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Chart Porn 5/10/2012 - The idiot version

I had been seeing the market so clearly recently I was assuming one of these days I was going to do good.  Instead today - I decided to break my rules and trade like a complete idiot.  About six months ago, I started using some trend indicators.  I promised myself I would never trade against them.  The closest I would to  trading against them is trading pullbacks in the trend.  Most of the time I would just trade continuation trades. Today I traded twice trying to play rollovers in the trends. Stupid me. The trend was up on a 5 and 15 minute basis, about ready to turn up on an hourly and mixed on a daily.  To then add insult to injury, I tried trading a stock but my mind was so f-ed there from the idiots trades, I turned a possible winner into a loser there also. Today, I did not lose a lot of money, but it was my worst trading day in months and it killed my gains for the week.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Chart Porn 05/09/2012

Another fast a simple trade. I love them.  My only other trade was a mistake that I was able to get out of for a $30 gain.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Chart Porn -5/6/2012 I love quickies

I love it when a trade happens so quick - you have no time to think about it.  Too bad I was trading only 1 contract when I usually trade 2 to 4 but the Sunday night trading was crazy.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

This Weeks Results 4/30/2012-5/04-2012

Stocks: +29.00
Dow Futures: +70.66
Crude Futures: +59.32
Russell Futures: none
Gold Futures: none
Net: +158.98
I got in a couple of trades this week but I really feel like I have nothing to show for it.  I was able to watch the action on Friday and I am pounding on myself for not trying to trade it more than I did. The Sunday night opening should be interesting.

Chart Porn 05/04/2012

The first was the only crude trade I made for the day.  I was proud of myself from the fact I got up - fired up my charts - and took a trade I saw before I was even awake yet. Never in my wildest dreams I thought crude would totally fall apart after the jobs report. It could have been a great day for me if I had more balls.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Chart Porn 4/30/2012

Hard day to trade much of everything today unless you were in one of the news stocks.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

This week Results 4/23/2012-4/27/2012

Stocks: +55.16
Crude Futures: +33.98
Dow Futures: - 79.44
Russell Futures: -74.02
Gold Futures: none
net:  -64.32
As my past charts show - I moved up my stops too fast and screwed myself. If I had given each trade I made this week $50 more move room in risk, never losing more than $150 on any trade, I could have made about $2500 this week.  I am a wimp. You may jump on me and say - you should never increase your stop - no this is not the case. All my original stops on these trade were $300 and none of them went more than $120 against me. Sad so sad. At least my broker is happy.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Chart Porn 4/25/2012

Screwed myself again but not out of much.  Again I gave into the bad habit of getting chicken too fast.  If you look at the chart porn over the past few days, I could have done well with the correct stops.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Chart Porn 4/24/2012

Screwed myself again out of a great trade by being too fast with the stop loss.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

This weeks Result 04/16/2012-04/20/2012

stocks: -10.55
Crude Futures: -46.02
Russell Futures: none
Dow Futures: none
Gold Futures: none
net: - 56.57

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Chart Porn 4/20/2012

Wax on - Wax off. The chart on the 18th are trade examples of when things go bad.  The first trade I should have not made and the second trade I screwed up the stop loss order.
This chart today is an example of when things go right. When I am watching the markets - see a possible entry - have the guts to believe I am right - place the order and the trade works as expected. The only short fall of this trade is I used a trailing stop that was a bit too close and not really my rules when using one. I either use a fix 30 point profit target or I will trail after a 15 gain using a moving average on a 89 tick chart. I could have net about 15 more ticks out of this trade. Why did I not completely follow my getting out rules - again my head was not clear from the mess of the 18th.
The two previous buy points on the charts I did not take because I was not watching at the time. Also in hindsight - the other indicators had not turned to buy yet.
There you have it - two screw ups by me followed two days later by a near perfect trade by me - Wax on/wax off.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Chart Porn 4/18/2012

It had been a long time since I uploaded a chart so I thought I would. Took me long enough forgetting how to edit then upload the chart.
Anyway this really pissed me off. In the heat of the battle, I entered the first trade too fast. Need to wait a bit longer even if the trade is no longer there. The second trade should have been the first one. I screwed that up because I moved my stop down too fast where I got stopped by one tick before a big move in my direction. I only moved the stop that fast because of being pissed on the first trade costing me a good. CRAP.

Monday, April 9, 2012

This Weeks Results 4/2/2012-4/6/2012

Stocks: +168.71
Dow Futures: +40.56
Russell Futures: none
Crude Futures: none
Gold Futures: none
Net: +209.27

Saturday, March 31, 2012

This Weeks Results - 3/26/2012-03/30/2012

Dow Futures: +10.50
Stocks: +210.00
Crude Futures: none
Russell Futures: none
Gold Futures: none
Net: +220.50

Saturday, March 24, 2012

This weeks results - 3/19/2012-3/23/2012

Dow Futures: -138.88
Stocks: +54.40
Russell Futures: none
Gold Futures: none
Crude Futures: none
Net: -84.48

Monday, March 19, 2012

This Weeks Resutls - 03/12/2012-03/16/2012

Stocks: +12.14
Crude Futures: -130.68
Dow Futures: +250.56
Russell Futures: none
Gold Futures: none
net: +132.02

Monday, March 12, 2012

This weeks Results 3/5/2012-3/9/2012

Stocks: +70.55
Dow Futures: -0.56
Crude Futures: +39.52
Russell Futures: none
Gold Futures: none
net: +109.51

Sunday, March 4, 2012

the weeks results - 02/27/2011-03/02/2012

stocks: - 73.50
Russell Futures: - 216.03
Dow Futures: +90.56
net: -198.97

Saturday, February 25, 2012

results - last 3 weeks

Feb 6th to Feb 10th-
everything else: zero
net: +62.80
Feb 13th to Feb 17th-
stocks: -150.59
crude: -300.69
everything else: zero
net: -451.28
Feb 20th to Feb 24th
everything: zero
I am not dead for those who are wondering. I was doing 2 to 3 trades a day and now I have dropped next to doing no trades. I see things from time to time but no action. My brain is really f-ed up right now for no good reason I can figure out. I hope to do a post on my misses.
I did go to the NYC traders Expo. it was nice to finally meet some people I was only dealing with on the internet before.
God only knows what my problem is now and he(she?) is not telling me.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

this weeks results 1/30/2012-2/3/2012

Stocks: +142.52
Crude Futures: +14.66
Russell Futures: none
Gold Futures: none
Dow Futures: none
net: +157.18
one good stock trade with out enough size was all this week was about

Saturday, January 28, 2012

this weeks results 1/23/2012-1/27/2012

stocks: -89.45
crude futures: - 360.68
dow futures: +20.56
Rusell Futures: none
Gold Futures: none
net: -429.57

Monday, January 23, 2012

This weeks results 1/16/2012-1/20/2012

Crude Futures: +25.40
Gold Futures: none
Russell Futures: none
Dow Futures: none
Stocks: -1.08
net: ++24.32
two trades - boring week. A lot of things kept me from watching a lot.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

This weeks results 1/9/2012-01/13/2012

crude futures: -10.66
Russell futures: none
Gold futures: none
Dow Futures: none
Stocks: +30
net: +19.34
Only 3 trades this week. Boring.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

this weeks Results 01/03/2012-01/06/2012

Dow Futures: -338.88
Russell Futures: -40.02
Crude Futures: +24.66
Gold Futures: none
Stocks: -39.04
net -357.28
My level of frustration with missing a lot of good trades over the last few week including having internet problems for most of the week got the best of me. The jobs number on Friday - I waited for the first pullback to buy. You should wait for a 50% retracement of the bar spike. I did but waited ofr the market to start going up before entering. That was stupid. I double my stupidity by adding to the position just as it looked to set a new high for the move. I top ticked it and it rolled quickly after that. A course later I entered a great stock trade only to get out too quickly and not let the trade run. The stock trade would have cleared the earlier loss plus make up for the losses I had earlier in December. I was an idiot allowing one trade to effect the next so much.
Back to the drawing board. Happy New Year.

Monday, January 2, 2012

This Weeks Results 12/27/2011-12/30/2011

Stocks: +9.09
Dow Futures: +67.24
Crude Futures: none
Russell Futures: none
Gold Futures: none
net: +76.33
small gain on a couple of trades. Focused on Dow when the good action was on Crude. Story of my year. Went thru my yearly stats and made a small amount of money. If you took out the swing trades, the dividend received, and my big oops trade - I would have been strongly in the red. On the other hand, I lost a ton in June and some how got out of that hole.
As I stated before, 2011 was on insane year for family matters for me. In fact the last 30 months have been. I am looking forward to having that monkey off my back and maybe doing well for myself seeing all I have to worry about is myself.
Oh yes - happy new year to all of you who take the time to read me.