Saturday, December 24, 2011

This weeks results 12/19/2011-12/23/2011

Dow Futures: +151.12
Crude Futures: +79.52
Stocks: +8.02
Russell Futures: none
Gold Futures: none
net: +238.66
The results are okay. Barely traded at all this week and had two big misses.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

This weeks results 12/12/2011-12/16/2011

Dow Futures: - 18.04
Crude Futures: - 226.70
Russell Futures: none
Gold Futures: none
Stocks: none
net: -242.70
There has no would ha should ha could ha trades this week. I did miss a target in a fast market by one tick only to have my trailing stop get hit and my profit being less than 1/2 of the target. The last two weeks should have been good for me. This week just sucked. My results have sucked for about 5 weeks now. I need to do good when the market treats me good and I need to behave when it doesn't.
I am looking forward to getting this year over with.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

This weeks results - 12/5/2011-12/9/2011

Dow futures: +61.12
crude futures: +99.32
Russell futures: none
gold futures: none
Stocks: -169.58
net: -9.14
This was one of the would could should weeks that make me scream. I was in a trade with MCD and I scratched it for break even because the way it was trading was new to me. It then ran over a buck seconds later. I had an buy stop in GMCR for like 20 minutes and then pull it. Three minute later is run like crazy. I placed an order trying to hit the ask and the stock ran never filling my order. And last I had a winning in crude and I debated to place a stop at one price or 3 ticks lower. A course i got hit but the other stop would not have. All in all that cost me a lot of money.
On the other hands, I just missed getting filled by one cent on a buy stop where the stock died 50 cents soon after.
You win some and lose some but i would have preferred all of the above trades getting filled or placed correctly. I would have had a happy week.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

This weeks results 11/28/2011-12/2/2011

stocks: - 183.40
Dow futures: -262.60
crude futures: +79.32
Russell futures: none
gold futures: none
net: -366.80
I did two incredible bonehead moves this week costing about $400. One a trade trigger for me just as my computer froze. Once I got it back on - I rushed in to the position even thou it had already moved. Second - I went long a stock and put in a stop but my stop had twice as many shares as my long so I got stopped and then lost on the short. Funny thing is the stock collapsed some after I covered my mistake and I got have made good money on the short.