Sunday, November 25, 2012

Results 10/29/2012-11/23/2012

Dividends: +294.00
Stocks: +50.41
Nasdaq Futures: -7.66
Copper Futures: +32.16
Gold Futures:  +104.66
Crude Futures: -12.04
Soybean Futures: +43.16
Corn Futures: +75.76
Dow Futures: -0.56
Net:  +579.89
I am not dead yet. I lost power for 8 days because of Sandy and spent 7 days in Las Vegas. So I have not been trading much.  When I have been trading the results been okay. The problems is I have dropped in value over $14k in my utility swings I have. One had bad earnings and died 20% while I really had no access to the internet. My swings have gone from plus 6k to minus 8k in less than 3 weeks. I hope December returns a more normal life for me.