Sunday, July 31, 2011

This weeks Results 7/25/2011-7/29/2011

Dow Futures: +70.66
Crude Futures: +88.66
Stocks: -57.89
Net: +101.43
A positive week but I am really pissed at myself. I pulled a trade two seconds before I would have been in it for one of my biggest miss-trades. I could not get another trade in because I was seconds slow and Trade Station rejected my order. And most of all I am pissed that I let a new position which gapped down on Friday totally throw me for a loss that I has unable to take advantage of the market. Many good trades missed. I really feel like I am a loser when my brain goes to mush.
Simple - plan the trade - trade the plan.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

This weeks results 7/18/2011- 07/22/2011

Not a bad week. Had two good trades with a bunch of scratches. I am happy with the results for once.
Gold Futures: +30.72
Stocks: +185.12
Crude Futures: +637.28
net +853.12

Saturday, July 16, 2011

This weeks results 7/11/2011-7/15/2011

Why don't you quit someone asked me this week. It made me stop and think for a while. I have come close to quitting a couple of times. I took time off at others. I started thinking about my dad. He never knew how to play golf and no one would teach him or I would guess he did not want to ask. He taught myself. He teach myself wrong too. He gripped the club wrong but after years and years of practice he became a fairly decent golfer. He was no pro but won many tournaments against many club pros. I took a long time to get there. I asked him why. He said he never knew when to quit. Win or lose - he just loved doing it.
Now with my trading over the years it had taken on so many different forms and my goals changed a lot - from trying to get a little extra for a special trip, to college eduction, to retirement. Today and for the last 5 years, my goal has been to be able to make enough money on a regular basis where I do not have to worry about having a job.
After 5 years, I have little to show for it in my bank account. Instead I lost money last year and not doing much better this year. But under the hood, I know I have learned a lot. I see patterns better. I have trading plans. I know what I am doing. I know about risk. I have methods. I know most books can't teach me anything I really do not already know.
I know what is keeping me from succeeding is myself - my emotions. Nothing else. I am close to seeing the goal become alive. As I sit here, I also know, I may not ever be successful at this last step or it may take me years. I do know that now that my dad is gone, my mother is taken care of in a home, and my daughter is off on her own - I can really just think about myself with the pressure off. I also hope to fix a few medical issues I have had and can only help me more.
So I think to myself why the fuck would I ever quit now??? Game on.
All I have to do is plan the trade and then trade the plan.
Stock Futures: +201.12
Stocks: +199.31
Crude Futures: -15.34
Gold Futures: zero
net: +385.09

Sunday, July 10, 2011

This weeks results 7/4/2011-7/8/2011

Stocks - 1.91
Stock Futures: -119.44
Crude Futures: +69.32
Net: -62.03
I whimped out of so many trades this week - it was not funny but very painful to my bottom line.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

The month of June

June was the worst month I had in years for me.
Bottom line down 3079.76.
I had not had a down 2000 month since December of 2009.
I do not remember being down more than $2500 since I started day trading.
That is how bad it was.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

This weeks results - 6/27/2011 - 7/01/2011

Another sucky week really caused by one big screw up in Crude.
Crude Futures: - 912.04
stock futures: +66.56
Stocks: +97.44
Gold Futures: +70.72
net -677.32