Saturday, January 22, 2011

Last Week's trading - it sucked

The numbers:
crude oil: -732
Dow futures: -297
Stocks: -78
total -1107
Basicly there is nothing to log about here. The Big Mouth Stocks were great on Thursday and Friday. I may post them later. Now I am just waiting until the dream game on Sunday - Packers verse the Bears.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Two that got away 1/14/2010

I did a couple of trades on Wednesday- none on Thursday and the three above on Friday. Having a 20 cent stop on JPM was stupid so I went with 35 cent stop and got hit there to. The KLAC stop I think was smart but still hurt.
I hate days like this when I make $24 but could have or should have made on $1000 by simply letting my trades have a little more room.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Second trade Part two and some nice Big Mouth Stocks today 1/11/2011

Both above are big mouth stocks and both are nice.
I sold the other half of SPRD on the opening pop. I screwed up the exit because TD is hard to use quickly. I should have been using my IB account. It would have turned a $385 gain into a $500 one.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Second trade of New Year - Part 1 1/10/2011

Simple trade pointed out by Stewie and his service. He has been on fire since the 1st of the year. Check him out. I got filled perfectly and carried 1/2 over night - something I never do.

Friday, January 7, 2011

First trade of New Year/Blog Status and life

First and only trade of the New Year. Nice setup but as so many times I was too close on my stop. I wanted to buy LVS at HOD or around 49. I placed my first buy at 49.01 - big seller at round number. I got filled and it pulled back. Added to it with HOD at 49.05. After a 30 cent run - I peeled half at 49.25 and debated where to put my stop. I thought below 49 but that would be a loss so I put it at 49.08 and it got hit -damn.
I do not know what to do going forward with my blog or trading. I maybe one day at a time. A lot of shit has happened in the last two months. 10 days ago my dad died. I am not heart broken about it or sad because his life was falling apart and he really wanted to die. He had enough of life. He died very quickly which was how he wanted to die. I will not go into details but in many ways he was a strange man that for many unknown reasons never got close to me.
My dads death was kind of a burden off my shoulders in a weird way knowing he was not happy. His death also made some other things easier for my mom. They are divorced and she could use the extra SS benefits. Long story that I need not get into.
During the last two months, I also had a health scare where I had some inflection that took 4 rounds of drugs and some shots of penicillin to go away. And my daughter had some crazy shit happen too.
Not a fun couple of months. I tried trading the first part of December but nearly every trade was a loser. I just should have even tried.
So going forward, I am trying to put my head, heart and body back together. I do not know if I will trade in the process or not and even blog about it.
Good luck to all in the New Year and I will be back at some point - maybe even Monday - lol.