Wednesday, July 2, 2014

June 2014 Results

Winners: 19
 Losers: 12
Break evens:5
Total Gains: $1281.00
Total Losses: $-1037.50
Avg Gain: $67.42
Avg Loss: $-86.46
Biggest Gain: $417.00
Biggest Loss: $271.00
Trade Net: +243.50
Commissions: -$184.96
Short term Trading Net: +$58.54
Month Net: $+58.54
Another small gain for me but a really screwed up month in trading. I had some great trades I am proud of and some really fucked up trades also.
As I stated before, I grade each of my trades for entry and exit with either good, stupid or chicken. My ratio of good to stupid had been about 5 to 1 recently.  This month it was 2 to 1 and I really wonder how I made money this month. I had 3 stupid trades that cost me the majority of my losses. I can have a good graded trade and loss money on it as long as I follow my rules. Same with a stupid trade, I could make money but it still could be graded stupid if I broke my rules.
I continue to be happy with my slow but steady progress in my trading but I have to become more consistence with my rules.  I seem to get in most of the times following my rules but too many times I am still chickening out too early.
27 of my trades went to my first target and only 8 did not, so I should have had 27 out of 35 winners instead had only 20 winners and of those only 11 to target. If I traded my entries and exits to plan - my gain this month would have been $1800. Add to that I missed about 20 trades and my size should be 5 times bigger - you can understand what my final goal in for me. I will get there one day.