Friday, March 29, 2013

Blog status

I have no idea where i am going with this blog.  The main reason for this blog was to dump my brain out and use it to prevent me from lying to myself.  I am now logging all my trades to a Google Doc to do the same purpose.
Life has been very frustrating for me. I lost total of my blood pressure around Thanksgiving and just beginning to feel I have it back under control after nearly 4 months.  I had a bad sinus inflection mid-December thru mid-January plus I threw my back out and to add at the end of February had sinus surgery. Add to this my day job has caused a lot chaos. Many times over the last 4 months I should have not been trading but I did it anyway.
I hope life will become more straight forward and easier. Until late 2011, there has many family issues causing many problems for me. Life is a lot simpler for me even with the recent headaches than it has been it seems forever.I am not blaming life for my trading results just that many times I should have not been even thinking about trading with the stress I was under.
I need to figure out my trading head.  I have been doing this now for too many years. Basically if you have looked at this blog you have seen that I am a breakeven trader (only keeping my brokers happy) for about 6 years. I believe I know enough to be a winning trader.  I have since enough to be a winning trader. I am no longer hunting for the holy grail or reading every new book on the market. I have a good method.  I believe in my method except when I am trading.  That may sound funny but that is my problem.
I do not know if I will continue updating this blog or where I will go to get my final fix of my brain.
I kind of feel like this quote and many of you have asked me the same thing.
STUPIDITY - quitters never win, winners never quit, but those who never win and never quit are idiots.

March 2013 Results

Trades: 16
Break evens: 3
Total Gains: $717.50
Total Losses: $447.50
Avg Gain: $89.68
Avg Loss: $89.50
Biggest Gain: $225.00
Biggest Loss: $150.00
Trade Net: +$270.00
Commissions: -$138.46
Net: +$131.54
A better month for me.  Had a couple of winners I was proud of  and only two really stupid trades. A green month for me. The first one since September.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Febraury 2013 Results

Trades: 17
Winners: 7
Losers: 7
Break evens: 3
Total Gains: $240.00
Total Losses: $894.50
Avg Gain: $34.28
Avg Loss: $127.78
Biggest Gain: $80.00
Biggest Loss: $250.00
Trade Net: -$654.50
Commissions: -$142.68
Net: -$797.18
 Started off the month bad on the first day with nearly $500 in losses on the EURO and never got back on track.  Did not have one trade this month that I was happy with.