Saturday, January 26, 2013

Results 1/22/2013-1/25/2013

stocks: -137.90
Dow futures: none
Nasdaq Futures: +40.56
Crude Futures: -16.03
Gold Futures: none
Copper Futures: -56.34
Corn Futures: none
Soybean Futures: +110.98
Euro Futures: none
The stock was a stupid trade because I played it like a day trade instead of a swing trade I indented it to be.  Took a loss on it way before it got close to my stop loss before taking off for 3 points.  It would have been a nice big trade.  Got to remember why I put a trade on.  In other words - follow the freaking plan.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Results 1/14/2013-1/18/2013

stocks: +18
Dow futures: -38.78
Nasdaq Futures: - 38..8
Crude Futures: +74.66
Gold Futures: -15.34
Copper Futures: +208.98
Corn Futures: +37.88
Soybean Futures: +150.76
Euro Futures: -105.64
A baby step in the right direction. My screw ups amaze me and they keep me going. After I chickened out of my only stock trade - it ran over $300 in what would have been my favor. The crude ran another 350 in the same direction I was in. A bean trade run another 200 in my direction. And two copper trades went a total of 600 in my direction. All of these went no more than 3 ticks lower than I got out. A couple hung there for a bit before moving. Crazy - just crazy.
On top of that - the Euro was just stupid and I should not have done and there was one Nasdaq I should not have been in.
Add that all up where say I risked $50 more on each trade, then I would have made close to $2000 this week instead all on one or two lot trades. Not bad. Only one trade I can say I truly sat on my hands and made nearly $200 in Copper. That trade I am proud of.
I guess this is what keeps me going - being so close.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Results 01/5/2013-01/11/2013

Russell Futures: - 108.04
Dow Futures: -77.20
Corn Futures: +37.88
Soybean Futures: -14.80
Crude Futures: -95.34
Copper Futures: +7.16
Euro Futures: +63.73
Stocks: none
Net:  -185.97
Not fun.  I did turn off my windows updating and the new graphic cards seem to be working great.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Results 12/10/2012-01/04/2013

Soybean Futures: -92.08
Crude Futures: +172.62
Gold Futures: -210.68
Dow Futures: +11.12
Stocks: -16.90
Swings: -1987.25
Dividends: +294.00
Net:  -1829.42
I dumped part of one of my swings for tax reasons.

This last month or so really sucked.  Lots of frustrations with the world and life.  My computer was down for about a week when I had window update issues and a graphics board died on me.
December was not a good month for me at all.