Sunday, January 13, 2013

Results 01/5/2013-01/11/2013

Russell Futures: - 108.04
Dow Futures: -77.20
Corn Futures: +37.88
Soybean Futures: -14.80
Crude Futures: -95.34
Copper Futures: +7.16
Euro Futures: +63.73
Stocks: none
Net:  -185.97
Not fun.  I did turn off my windows updating and the new graphic cards seem to be working great.


Market Monkey said...

Hi Denarii,

Forgive the direct question, but I'm just wondering...

It appears as if you aren't profitable by what I can see from the blog; what keeps you trading (and losing *real* money) after all these years???


denarii said...

The last two years I have lost about 4k day trading. Previous years I have done better. I have had years up and down. I have tried changing my trading style over the last year and it has been a slow process. I am determine to beat this. For somebody, very quickly they are profitable and others it takes years. On average, a trader needs about 5 years of real face time to truly make it. (10,00 hours). I took me many years to get good at racquetball.

Also my results in swing trading in my retirement accounts are doing a lot better and I out perform the market most years. I guess I am just not a quiter in anything I love.

Market Monkey said...

Ok. The reason I ask is because I too have been at this for a while (6 years) with mixed results but, when all is said and done, a slightly negative trading result after commissions- significantly negative if you include all costs for education/tools. Pretty sure I'm closing in on my 10,000 hours! (if I haven't already done them).

I just wonder if it's all worth it (for those who have struggled for years) because the biggest cost of all is time. When reading your posts, I get the distinct impression that you're not happy and that this is related to your trading success or lack thereof.

Sometimes, backing away from trading and rekindling the joy you found in other passions before it will, paradoxically, give you the result you're looking for.

If you don't get it, at least you lived. :)

denarii said...

I understand where you are coming from. I could say the same thing about my costs. I also feel that the first couple of years i had no idea what I was doing. I also was under a lot of pressure outside of trading and then i had a bunch of events happen. My daughter nearly died. I had to take care of my mother would had many mental issues. Many problems with my dad who drank all his life. Both of my parents died in 2011 and that took a lot out of me so really I feel like I have may life back.

So finally I just started worrying about myself last summer. It is a long process of healing. I hope this will undo what mental problems i have with the markets because I feel i finally understand how they work. I never felt that way before. I truly feel I now know the methods to be successful if I could only crack the mental nut. Something i may never be able to. Who knows.

Anyway I have never meant this blog to be entertaining. It has been more my dairy for myself. Many people have read it and complained about my trading or how depressing at times it is. I have even made friends from that.

I wish you luck in both your life and trading. And even thou my blog may be depressing - I am very happy in life overall. Email me if you want to continue to discuss trading.