Monday, March 20, 2017

Tastyworks-a new brokerage firm

Tom Sosnoff (the guy who built Think Or Swim so this is not a fly by night operation) has opened a new brokerage firm called
The commissions are super cheap.
Stocks $5 to get in (unlimited shares) - zero to get out.
Options $1 per contract to get in - zero to get out.
Futures $2.50 per contract to get in - zero to get out

Assignment fees of $5.
No data fees.
no platform fees.
no minimum trading fees.

Stocks and options have been trade able since 1/3/2017 and the futures will launch in about a week.
I have been with them since mid January and could not be happier.
If any one has any questions - please ask.
They also have tons of free content and training at and you do not need an account to access the training. They also broadcast live trading programming for 8 hours a day between 8 to 4 est and that is also free.

These guys are great.


MBAGearhead said...

$2.50 going to be an all-in rate for all futures contracts? Or just the Eminis?

Anonymous said...

Not sure $2.50 is even an all in rate. Is it possible it is actually just broker commission on top of exchange and nfa fees?

Denarii said...

$2.50 plus 0.30 clearing fee - zero commissions to get out but a 0.30 clearing fee. I believe they will have all futures contracts except ICE exchange.

Denarii said...

the fee page -

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