Monday, May 9, 2016

How I build mental capital - 2016-05-09

I was trying to figure out something clever to post so I came up with this.
This is a full trading day of the ES-mini. There is 19 arrows on the chart where trades should have been placed based on my rules. Of those 19 trades - the following is a break down:

1) 19 trades - one of them was premarket.
2) Of the 19, I was present at my desk for 12 of the possible trades.
3) Of the remaining 12,  I identified 8 of them ahead of time. The other 4 a few ticks too late.
4) Of the remaining 8, I chickened out of two and had unrealistic entry's for another 2.
5) Of the remaining 4, I got filled on 3 and should have been filled on the other.
6) Of the 3 that got filled, all 3 went to target but I chickened out of one before hand.
Bottom line - I did okay but you might say - DT you could have made a ton of money today.
And yes I could have but I take pride that I watched the market for as long as I did and the fact if I followed my rules to the letter - I would have had 19 winners out of 19 trades. So I need to stick to my trading plan and push myself to take and hold on it more trades.
I am having more and more days like this.
I just need to - DO IT.

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